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Curving back…
January 27, 2008



Curving back within










creates again and again.













creates his mind,


with that mind








creates her body,


with that mind while in that body,








perceive and experience







add infinitum…






… In





s t i l l n e s s









q u i e t










j u x t a p o s i t i o n .






There is only a quiet sense of Being…

The Great Unlearning
January 26, 2008

For most of my life I have hungered and journeyed for this discovery of Who I Am. While at times the ambiguity of this journey and quest feels incomplete, I now have the wisdom of years that affords me the ability to detach from some of the more generically sanitized versions of Spirituality that I have watched or played with. Respectfully, while most of these standardized versions continue to serve many, I can now see in my own life they were only temporary pit stops of learning that never quite satisfied the deepest calling of my Soul.


Life is a web of relationship…
January 22, 2008

The most important relationship you will have in life
is the relationship you have to your Self.

It is through the relationship you have with your Self
that you will create a relationship with life.

It is the level of intimacy you achieve with your Self
that will draw you into an intimate relationship with life,


it is through the internal growth and cultivation 

of your inner relationship that you will find the

inspiration, courage and success

to participate in all other relationships.

A bond to the Self is  a bond to freedom;

freedom of body, mind and Spirit.

Freedom to express

the divinity of your own true Self.

Freedom to experience and express the divine intelligence, happiness and abundance

into the world of creation.


On Being change…
January 20, 2008

… here is an excerpt from my new book Zen Shredding, available sometime in early march!  I trust you will enjoy ~ stay tuned for more exciting suprizes!

 Ask your friends or acquaintances a simple question: how do you feel about change? In most cases it will open the door to conversations and stories that can include adventure and drama, joy and suffering and, depending on the emotional level or closure of the experience, many insights around this loaded word. As a teacher for personal growth, I have actively explored, avoided, pursued, cultivated and witnessed the element of change both in my own life and the lives of others for over two decades. In my own personal journey I continue a dance the dichotomy of this love/hate relationship. (more…)

The Birth of inspiring ideas…
January 13, 2008

Idea:  an image existing or formed in the mind.  The human capacity to contemplate ideas is associated with the capacity for reason, self-reflection, and the ability to acquire and apply wisdom.  Ideas give rise to concepts, which are the basis for any kind of knowledge whether science or philosophy… * From Wikipedia

The best ideas are always ahead of their time.  In most cases when an idea is cognized there is no perceived value for that idea.  There is no demand for the idea itself after all, it’s just an idea!  If an ideas timing is “right” a demand will be created for the idea not the other way around.  If the idea is nurtured by the thinker(s) with mindfulness, passion and excellence, often the demand for that idea will appear magically, the people, circumstances, situations and events needed for that idea to come to fruition will appear synchronistically ~ serendipitously!  It’s as if an idea has the potential to create its own inner momentum, attraction and energy not needing a typical approach to life that for most of us is based on struggle, effort and obsession!   (more…)

The Virtue of Silence…
January 13, 2008

Learning to meditate was and is the single most important choice I have ever made.
There was a time when my life was dominated by the noise and nonsense of my circumstances. In all its varied forms my identification with and deferral to this noise and nonsense simply reflected the level and extent to which I had lost myself to those circumstances. Meditation allowed me to begin to re-identify with not only the purity of silence but also the real ‘me’ that was the silence. This state of Self-referral continues to transform all levels of my being. It has become the source my inner healing and the inspiration that helps me navigate through my life.  While the other spiritual practices I also use contribute deeply to my overall well being, meditation has been the one constant over the past 18 years. (more…)

Hello world!
January 10, 2008

Welcome to my blog!  Over the next few days, weeks and months it is my intention that this blog serve as a vehicle to provide you with insight and wisdom to Who You Are, What you want and Why you are here…

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