Life is a web of relationship…

The most important relationship you will have in life
is the relationship you have to your Self.

It is through the relationship you have with your Self
that you will create a relationship with life.

It is the level of intimacy you achieve with your Self
that will draw you into an intimate relationship with life,


it is through the internal growth and cultivation 

of your inner relationship that you will find the

inspiration, courage and success

to participate in all other relationships.

A bond to the Self is  a bond to freedom;

freedom of body, mind and Spirit.

Freedom to express

the divinity of your own true Self.

Freedom to experience and express the divine intelligence, happiness and abundance

into the world of creation.

*  Life is an eternal initiation into relationship an opportunity to contribute and celebrate the colour and diversity of your own personal adventure…

*  Life can provide you with experiences filled with growth, understanding, purpose and joy, as you learn to bring the gift of your own uniqueness into the world of form…

*  Your entire experience is a purposeful journey that revolves around the evolution of relationship itself…

*  You exist because the deepest desire of your Soul is to unite and express the value of relationship into your life experience…

*   Your past, present and future subjective experience will be defined by your present definition of relationship…

*   The dynamic of successful relationship begins and ends with the relationship you have to your Self… 

*   Chaos perceived on the inside will always be reflected as chaos on the outside…

*   Most of us spend our lives searching for happiness and are never really satisfied with what we achieve, in the silence of meditation, in the giving up of something we find everything…

*   Most of us imagine that in order for success and happiness to occur we must first be something, we must first do something.  What we really need to be, what we really need to do is spend time in our nothingness.  In the womb of creation fulfillment occurs in the art of being.  Who your being is more important than what you’re doing… 

*  In order for you to make any conscious change in the world you live in, there must first be a shift in the focus of your mind from without to within.  There can never be an external change without first having an internal change…

*  Since relationship begins and ends with the Self, you must first be willing to embrace closely the content of what your presently know the small self to be.  You must be willing to observe the nature of your present experience without judgment, without evaluation, without comparison, without conditioning ~ to know what is real and what is unreal…

*  Relationship generated from the Self becomes the regenerative force that extends and projects its influence into the reality you call your life, restoring and rejuvenating your entire life…

*   The priest and the prophet ask us not to embrace ourselves as we are, but instead ask us to place our allegiance in doctrines and Gods that sit only in judgment, that love only conditionally.  We project this judment, misunderstanding and delusion of our own human mind onto falsely defined Gods and then we call it salvation…

*   Belief alone can never supply us with the liberation we seek.  One can only be free if the mind itself is free; free from the thoughts, the beliefs and the conditioning that serve to distract, tranquillise and moor us to our victom orientated existance.  Take away the dogma of tradition and all the limited beliefs and self engendered understanding and we would be left with the innocence of our own awareness.  We would be free to experience the fullness and purity which lies within…

*  The Self that you seek, the Self you hunger for exists before you began seeking, while you are seeking and after you stop seeking…

*   The journey home is the journey within, where you eventually discover your authentic Self ~ a Self that lies beyond the conditioned and established confines of your collectively held beliefs, beyond the drama of your day to day pain and suffering…

*  Life is a web of relationship; One relationship with many flavours! 


There is a place within you

that is already whole,

already complete,

already perfect.

Dive into it,

Embrace it,

Become it!




F o l l o w    d r e a m s   ~   n o t   p o w e r .


C r e a t e   p l e a s u r e   ~   n o t    p a i n .


L i v e   f o r   j o y   ~   n o t   s a d n e s s .


C e l e b r a t e   s u r r e n d e r   ~   n o t   s t r u g g l e .


F i n d   p u r p o s e   ~   n o t    d i s t r a c t i o n .


S e e k   b a l a n c e   ~   n o t   d i s h a r m o n y .


E m b r a c e   W h o l e n e s s   ~   n o t   s e p a r a t i o n .


S e e   M e a n i n g   ~   n o t   j u d g m e n t .


Say Yes to life!



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