The Rhythm of life…

My life flows with rhythm and ease.

My breath, my life, my rhythm.

Every breath,

every moment,

all rhythm.

I listen to my rhythm,

I feel my rhythm,

I touch my rhythm,

I Am

the rhythm.

Listen to your rhythm.

Celebrate your rhythm.

Trust your rhythm.

Experience your rhythm.

The rhythm expands,

the rhythm contracts.

Surrender to the rhythm,

I   A M .

Consciousness flows with rhythm and ease.

Consciousness as breath, Consciousness as life ~ all rhythm.

As Consciousness, we listen to the rhythm,

as Consciousness she feels the rhythm,

as Consciousness he touches the rhythm,




 r y t h m . 


Listen to the rhythm of Consciousness,

Celebrate the rhythm of Consciousness,

Trust the rhythm of Consciousness,

Experience the rhythm of Consciousness.

The rhythm of Consciousness expands,

the rhythm of Consciousness contracts,

Surrender to the rhythm of Consciousness

I   A M .

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  1. Verrry nice.
    Our blogs are almost the same 🙂

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