The End ~ of suffering is the end of “I”…



“I” will cease to experience suffering in “my” life when “I” realize there can be no “other”,

when “I” make the time to step into the silence of  the “one” unified Being.



As “I” learn to forget that I AM not my mind, my body, my thoughts, my feelings, my associations, my memory, my perception,

“I” will realize this journey is not about being good or bad, higher or lower, saved or not saved.



“I” will end this dance of suffering as “I” abandon the tried and proven “paths”, to listen to the still voice that was their all along. 

In the silence of no mind, “I” will be open to everything while the “I” remains nothing.



As “I” sleep to distraction, “I” awaken to the mystery, unfettered by “my” past, foregoing “my” future. 

As “I” pull “my” attention from without to within, “I” am no longer enmeshed in the enigma of diversity; a man a women, black or white, gay or straight, holy, unholy…



This suffering “I” have been, this confusion and loss, it melts and it merges as the “I” migrates to softer places.




in the stillness


no moment,





” O n e “


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  1. I’m glad I came across this. I think I might link you from mine if that would be ok. Lovely.

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