My awareness continues to dance in the concept of synchronicity.  The call and enticement of its influence and meaning on my own life and the life of others continues to provide me with a deeper insight into my own experience and “the perceived mechanics of the creative process”.  While I resist the temptation to formulate; I give myself permission to conceptualize, to muse and speculate on the mystery of meaningful coincidence and its potential role in the expression of life…


I was taking a ride up the Gondola the other day; nothing unusual about that; another opportunity to play on the mountains in the snow, on Blackcomb/Whistler Mountain.  On the outside I looked like any other typical snowboarder on his way to a few hours of shred heaven.  On the inside I was mentally grinding the present dominating issues and questions in the story of “my life”:  “What’s happening with my book…”,  “Where will I live…”, “How will I find the financial resources for all my commitments…”, “Stay out of your head and just trust the process…”, “Look and listen for the synchronicity…”, “Are you fucking crazy…”!




Sometimes, I just witness those thoughts.  Other times I unconsciously indulge myself, masturbating the details of my inner conversations which then trigger a cascade of thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories of the past and my imagined sometimes feared sometimes potential, future.  I’ve been more vigilant lately about engaging these “various trances” that can so easily distract me from being present to the moment.  I’ve learned how easy it is to be hypnotized by these internal conversations and the paralyzing effect they have on my own inner wisdom and my ability to be present with and navigate the moment to moment experience of my life..


I step into the Gondola, take a deep breath and close my eyes to break the momentum of cognition building within me.  I pause myself, I can relax for a moment, no one else is uploading with me!  I can be present in this moment, I can enjoy THIS moment of poise and quiet.  I can have my thoughts AND know that I AM not my thoughts.  I can have a feeling AND know that I AM not my feelings.  I can remind myself, these thoughts are happening too me, they are not me...


This time “it works” and my mind begins to settle down.  I feel a connection, as I disengage from what my mind says is my perceived, conventional reality.  I open my eyes, my attention catches some graffiti written clearly across the inside window in translucent, wax like print; someone has written…


 “I AM”. 


It provides a gentle acknowledgment and reaffirmation for me of the “path” that I have chosen for my life, a road less traveled!  It’s one of those “aha” moments when you feel like the Universe is actually eavesdropping on “your” very thoughts and wants you to take heed that nothing goes unnoticed.  Somewhat anthropomorphic in interpretation but comforting to a part of me that already knows…


I end up in 7th Heaven.  One of my favorite places to simply Be on the mountains, especially on those bluebird days.  I’ve traveled most of my life in the “singles lane”, while it has its social downsides, it comes in very handy when line ups are long and you just want to get back to the top of a run, only to do it over again; someone’s definition of insanity?


As I get ready for the next chair someone pops in beside me; I recognize a smiling face, a friend from my past.  Someone I worked with in a “previous lifetime” who was a rarity in that particular job experience; hardworking, honest, a seeker, someone I felt a good rapport with, who saw more too life than the status quo.  I have not seen her in months and here she is, coincidently sitting beside me, on the same mountain, on the same ride, at the same time!  I smile outside. I smile inside.  Is this just my brain, hardwired to organize the ever present chaos that is the Universe?  Yes and No.  It’s part of the mystery, the omnipresence, the ocean expressing itself as a wave on the ocean in a vast web of interrelatedness and connection.  There is no separation.  There is no distinction outside the apparatus of the mind.


We take a couple of runs together, bubble in the bliss of our spontaneous connection and go our ways.  I head home and dial up another type of connection, a web of different sources.  In my email, a couple of comments on previous blog entries have arrived.  It’s rare that I get any comments on my entries and yet, here is one on synchronicity…


“ I remember the first time that I ever heard about the word synchronicity…it was really funny because someone explained to me the meaning of the word early in the day and later on, after I had gone home, I walked into my roommates room and he happened to be listening to the Police – of course he was playing their song ‘Synchronicity’. And right as I walked into the room I heard Sting singing, “Synchronicity!” And I had never heard that song before in my life! The timing was perfect!



I then head over to one of my favorite blog sites.  Carsten Fleck is one of my “secret muses”.  His life, his work, both written and photographic, his perception; challenges, provokes and inspires me.  He has written an amazing entry that caps my day’s reverie and adventure on the interrelatedness and interconnectedness of life.  In words he has captured, themed and summarized “my own” thoughts and feelings I have had throughout the minute, the hour and the tone of my day and ongoing life.  Not bad for someone I only know as a fellow blogger, who lives on the other side of the continent!



Here is Carsten Flecks Blog entry for March 26th:



There are decisive moments in our lives that stay with us forever. Today I had such an experience.

Even though I have been changing for years there was always that inherent fear that at a certain point in time things might turn against me or that I am not strong enough to stay on course and fall back into the old. To one day have to turn around and to live my old life again, a life full of fear and low self-esteem, cut off from the rest of humanity, a sad life that that to me at this point is not worth living.

Today I realized through an experience I had that my life will never be like that again. I understood that over the course of the last 15 years I have read too much, meditated too much, been in yoga classes too much, have gone to therapy too much and changed too much to ever have to go back. My old life is over; I could not go back even if I wanted to.

Now I can reap the fruits of all my hard work, freedom and an effortlessness of being through everything around me falling into place to support me…



Synchronicity or meaningful coincidence deserves my attention.  To ignore its expression is to minimize one of the many miracles of life itself and the ever present invitation we all have to explore the deeper mysteries of our existence.  Whether we will ever fully understand any relevant significance synchronicity may or may not have to our lives is irrelevant to me.  What’s important is the feeling and inspiration it provides for me when my life is touched by its’ expression; the smile it brings to my inner and outer experience while I’m in the world…


Around 1927 an acclaimed German physicist by the name of Werner Heisenberg rocked the world of physics with the introduction of his “uncertainty Principle”.  Considered to be one of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century, Werner not only founded quantum mechanics (the new physics of the atomic world), but also through experimentation, developed his “uncertainty principle” or “principle of indeterminacy”.  Simply stated, he proved that the observer of an experiment and the experiment are not separate…


I believe that the existence of the classical “path” can be pregnantly formulated as follows: The “path” comes into existence only when we observe it.

–Heisenberg, in uncertainty principle paper, 1927



More clearly stated the observer of an experiment by use of his attention will not only participate in the experiment but also influence the outcome of that experiment.  Synchronicity only exists if we look for it!  The more you bring awareness and attention into the “equation” of this subject matter, the more you will activate the element of synchronicity into your experience.  You are the observer in the experience of your life.  By awakening the observer (by giving attention to it) and looking for synchronicity in your life “you create” an internal, subjective experience of it, through the act of looking.


Heisenberg’s insight was brilliant and controversial.  It contradicted an established Newtonian paradigm that the “real world” exists independently of us, whether we are looking at it or not. Heisenberg had articulated what seers and sages have known throughout the ages:


Drishti-Srishti Vada ~ Sanskrit, Creation exists because we see it.  Or, the world is only there, as long as there is an “I” there to perceive it,

Yoga Vasistha, Theosophical Society.


Does synchronicity exist?  Yes and No. 

Everything exists in potentiality.  Synchronicity exists only if you allow it to come into the field of your attention.  A lack of attention or an absence of intention relegates the idea of synchronicity to a mere possibility only, it remains undiscovered.


michael sean symonds ~ ZEN Shredding


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  1. so…i’ve reached this point. and you keep mentioning synchronicity. how would you define synchronicity?

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