13 Steps to Synchronicity… S = #1



S  Spend time in nature… 


There is an ebb and flow to the Universe.  When we spend time in nature we create an opportunity to calibrate the microcosm of our inner rhythms with the macrocosm of our Universal rhythm.  When we immerse ourselves and our senses in the perfection that is nature, we remind ourselves of the ever present wholeness that is our essential nature. 

When our attention is established in our essential nature, we are more likely to be aware of the subtlest movements, implications and inferences of our essential nature.  We touch, taste, smell, hear and see the ebb and the flow of our inner being, we become the ebb and the flow of our inner being.

The language of nature is very simple; it does not require any cognition for its beauty and perfection to be recognized, understood or experienced.  You just have to show up, you just have to be!



2 Responses

  1. Witchcraft is not about imposing your will onto others. It is certainly about influencing the energies to bring you what you desire – not at the expense of another’s free will or knowingly causing another harm. When you practice witchcraft you are to come from a place of positive intent.

  2. … Your making some very big assumptions here!

    Synchronicity has nothing to do with Witchcraft ~ Black, White or Blue. I have never practiced Witchcraft of any kind, although some of the concepts that I speak about are often spoken of and embraced by many other philosophies, practices, forms of Spirituality, or earth religions, AND I’m assuming, witchcraft?

    Connecting free will(yours or someone else’s), or knowingly causing someone else harm, is taking my blog entry out of context, adding context and then projecting your own interpretations, understandings and fears onto it!

    Please do not assume…



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