13 Steps to Synchronicity… Y = #2


Y  Say “yes” to life… 


We have been conditioned to say ‘NO’ to our lives.  Just as we successfully learned to be clear about and  negate the “no” experiences of our life; the experiences we did and do not want to have or occur, we can also learn to open up to the most important things we do want to experience in life: expressing, experiencing, supporting and serving. 


There is “no one” who can determine or decide what will be on your yes list, except “you”.  Where does the “yes” fall in your life?  What situations, circumstances, experiences, places and parts of yourself do you need to say “yes” to?


  Giving ourselves permission to say “yes” to life is a learned and practiced skill.  Learning to say “yes” to neglected expressions of our individual humanity opens us up to experience more synchronicity and deeper levels of clarity around the day to day circumstances of our life. 


More importantly, it also is reminder to us of the “yes” that also dwells within the minds and hearts of all humanity, that we all deserve to experience the expansion of happiness, peace and harmony in our lives, by pursuing a life that brings the deepest fulfilment and joy, a life that can serve ourselves and others in the highest of ways.


Q.    Where does the “yes” fall in your life?


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