13 Steps to Synchronicity… N = #3

N Notice the details of your life… 


Too many of us simply “do life” without any consideration to the details of our circumstance and our choice making process.  Each of our stories has unique themes of relevance and coincidence that whisper back to us intonations on eternity. 


While the details of our own story may or may not inspire us to greater levels of reflection, and are more often or not prematurely dismissed by our own judgment and comparison, there are opportunities to uncover unique perspectives of understanding and insight within each story.  Lives need to be lived; meaning and fulfillment in life is not restricted to a selected few!


When digested and assimilated, insights and understandings drawn from our own life become the essence of our own personal “wisdom teachings”.  The details of these wisdom teachings become the foundation from which we can live a life of relevance and reverence.  This becomes the language of our Soul, an internal reference point of understanding as to where the flow of our life is taking us.  To observe those details without judgment or evaluation creates the space for us to embrace, digest and then express the inner wisdom we were all born with. 





Q.    What whispers and hints, what details of your life go unnoticed?


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