13 Steps to Synchronicity… C = #4



C Connect with your creativity… 


Sorry, I’ll never buy into the belief that only certain people are born with/into creativity.  Without judgment, assessment or evaluation, you are the most creative person you know!  Every moment you are creating a subjective experience of how you see, feel and experience your world ~ all of that can be changed in an instant. 


A child who knows how to play is actively engaged to the creative core of his/her being; following the only guidelines of innocence and joy.  If you have lost touch with the creative side of yourself, if you have never explored your creative side as an adult, perhaps its time to once again, remind yourself how to play in life. 


The expressions of play/creativity in your life will create the preamble for synchronicity on it most innocent level, it happens so easily, so effortlessly, that we sink into the present moment and we touch eternity.  When we connect with our creativity, we connect with the creativity of the Universe, our body/mind becomes an instrument, the nature and catharsis of which transforms us forever.


Q.    What can you do to experience and express more creativity in your?


One Response

  1. this is where i feel i’ve lost touch. thus far i’ve read from your most recent entry to this. creativity. i’ve lost it. i was so passionate about my singing and writing and now…now i feel like that gift was given to me in vain. i feel no inspiration…


    drive. it’s like my car won’t start anymore. it’s going “putt putt.” did i run out of gas? have i stopped taking care of my car? ugh…

    such a silly metaphor but it’s the best way i can think of it, you know?

    hell…i don’t know what i’m thinking. but…thank you. thank you for planting a seed in me. for pushing me.

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