13 Steps to Synchronicity… H = #5


H  Help the world by helping yourself, first…


It’s just too easy to become distracted by all the necessary needs of the world and then lose yourself in well intentioned attempts at making the world a “better” place.  There will always be the appearance of “a doing” while in the body/mind.  When you have learned to take care of your own needs, deeply, consistently and regularly, you’ll be more inclined to find the inspiration and insight to navigate some of the more complex “needs” that always, seem to go unnoticed and un-served in the world of form and phenomena.



When you anchor awareness to your real Self, you’ll have the wisdom to see beyond the petty drama, conflict, confusion and chaos that appears to be part of the world and your awareness will be free to make the most beneficial choices for all concerned. 


There is great suffering in the world; when we identify our self to it, when we become overwhelmed by it, we perpetuate that suffering on all levels, including our own.  To know the Self, to become aware of the Self, creates the space for every living being to benefit from our attention, affection and spontaneous, never-ending compassion.


Q.    How can you take care of your needs more deeply?




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