13 Steps to Synchronicity… R = #6


R   Refer to the Self first… 


We are conditioned from birth to look out into this world, not in.  Object referral is the label we use to define someone who navigates the world according too and based on the use of external resources only.  Object referral relies heavily on external factors such as how people, places, things and circumstances occur or do not occur in our experience.


Fear is a natural outcome of object referral because we are always waiting for a reaction to occur, we are always waiting or expecting something to happen or not happen, desired or imagined.  In object referral we are also dependent on our mind and we are dependant on the illusion of time. 


Anything that happens happens in to our nervous system in time.  What’s happening while it may appear to be happening in the “present moment” is actually what has already happened.  The experience happens and then it is registered (in time) by our nervous system, it takes time to reach us through our senses until it finally hits our body/mind.  What we are actually experiencing in our assumed “present moment” is the past, since what happened already occurred nano seconds prior to us being able to register it at the level of the body/mind.  This is the illusion of time and the illusion of being in the “present” moment.


Object referral requires us to rely on the behaviors/qualities of: speculation, anticipation, control, manipulation, time, power and fixation to the past and anticipation of the future, in order for us to operate in a particular frame of reference too “the moment”.  Pervasive fear is an inherent part of object referrals nature, since we are always relying on what’s going on “out-there” this leads to us feeling unconsciously powerless; we are “at affect” to the people, situations, circumstance of our life.  There will always be a bogy man; a conspiracy theory will always operate when we live from a place of object referral.


Self referral requires no power. Its strength of being comes from knowledge and direct experience based on Who You Are.  When we begin to live our lives from a place of Self referral, we step out of the elements of time and space into eternity.  We no longer depend so much on what is occurring “out there” because we realize our authority comes from a place of knowing rather than anticipating.  Speculation and control are replaced by a desire to cultivate and listen too the ebb and flow of our inner wisdom that deepens with conviction.  We begin to identify with the timeless part of our Self that has no interest or regard for plans, schedules and outcomes or goals.  An attitude of detachment has spontaneously surfaced, percolating into our moment to moment existence, we sense the interdependence and interconnectedness of all life, we begin to trust the process of life.. 


As Self referral anchors to our awareness, we no longer look to the past or even the future for reference, our awareness is supremely concentrated “in the moment” of what is happening; what’s not happening has no relevance to our experience.  Our decisions, beliefs and choices are no longer based on the external approval or disapproval of another, but instead, spontaneously express according to the needs, wants and desires of within the moment. 



Self referral is not something that can be gained or achieved.  Self referral is not something that occurs as a result of purification.  It is not a karma induced probability!  When mind and body are quiet; when we remain open and attentive to the ever present backdrop of silence which pervades all existence.  Self referral reveals itself as an innate expression of our inner being.  Remembering Who We Are, becomes less important since we are now Being Who We Are.




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  1. Hi Michael,

    Happy to be on here with you!! Loving wordpress. My journey back into the green began today with interviews…now I wait.

    P.S. I linked my blog to your blog and website.

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