13 Steps to Synchronicity… N = #8


Say NO to distinction…


We spend most of our life looking “out there”.  The foreground of our life is filled with distraction, enough distraction, enough pleasure, and enough suffering and pain for a lifetime.   While it is valuable to appreciate distinction, to play within the immense diversity that exists in the world of form and phenomena, we suffer when we lose ourselves to that distinction.


We suffer when we believe the essence of Who We Are is based on that distinction.  You are not this and you are not that.  Synchronicity is a hint, a suggestion to us that underlying the field of diversity that is the world of form and phenomena, there lies a unity, an interconnection, an interdependence within the field of distinction and diversity.


There will always be conflict when a distinction is made.  As long as there is an “us and them”, a “me and you”, a “high and low”; someone’s needs will go unnoticed.  All distinction lies in the mind and the multitude of distinctions; distinction of the body, distinction of the emotions, distinctions of memory, distinction of thought; there can be no “other”.

When we step out of our distinctions, our separation begins to dissolve.  When the particular dissolves, we can begin to celebrate our similarities not our differences.  We give up something that is the personal, and we end up finding everything within the impersonal.  We abandon the noise and nonsense of the foreground of our life, to notice the stillness of the background and our attention is quieted.  We look within the Self and all distinctions lose meaning. 




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