13 Steps to Synchronicity… O = #7



O   Be open to having your life orchestrated not directed…


We are taught from birth that life is about cause and effect.  We are conditioned to believe that we are separate, individual entities living in a Universe that exists independently from us.  We are encouraged to master skills that allow us to operate in this perceived “cause/effect” relationship in order to survive.  We are told that in order to survive we will need to be the fittest, richest, most powerful, smartest or best looking; we are told size matters.  When we cannot meet any or all of these requirements we are tempted to force and manipulate the system in some way.  Conventional reality always provides conventional, limited results.


We were born to live extraordinary lives.  We were born to express the infinite possibilities of our potential, into a world of finite form and phenomena.  We do not direct life, nor do we orchestrate life itself.  Life orchestrates “us” at the subtlest level as the “creative” process.  To engage this process consciously, is to allow our life to be directed and orchestrated from the subtlest level.  Participation, invites extraordinary possibility into our experience.  The expression and elevation of Synchronicity in our life is the advent of a life that is being consciously orchestrated at the subtlest level.  When we listen to our Self; when we open too and allow our Self, when we cultivate Self awareness, the unconventional finds home in the conventional.


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