13 Steps to Synchronicity… C = #10


C   Clarify the meaning and purpose of your life…


Many wisdom traditions throughout the ages have suggested the importance of gaining clarity to your moment to moment choices while also aligning them to your purpose; your reason for being.  It is a suggestion that these elements can contribute to the elevation of your own understanding to as to why you are here, what you will do and how you will be on this journey. 


One could live ones life without unraveling, clarifying and committing to their own personal story or allegiance to some quest, vision, or purpose, but in doing so, one losses the opportunity to bring value, understanding and meaning to the journey we all take while having a body/mind.


One can be so distracted by conditioning in life that it is also possible to think that you are on purpose when in fact you are not, you are living someone else’s idea of how you should do life, because you have never taken the time to unpack your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs about this particular approach to living. 


The absence of meaning in life is often a reflection that there may be opportunities to spend some time unraveling your most important decisions and their alignment with your purpose and reason for being in the moment. 

In any moment you have the ability to change the direction your life may be heading, clarifying why you do what you do allows you to add more meaning and purpose to why you do what you do. 


At best you’ll end up with more contentment in knowing that you have done your best in living a life that was worthwhile to you.  At best you will experience enough success that you can then use those results to leave the planet in a better condition than you found it.


The expression of synchronicity in your life is both a clue and affirmation.  Follow the threads of your experience; notice the details and colour of the coincidence that is expressing.  What themes or relevance do those synchronicities have to the larger vision you have for your life?  Find clarity and comfort in knowing that you have been blessed with a body/mind that allows you to experience and express Who You Are, in action. 



As you cultivate the commitment you have to your Self, by increasing the sense of responsibility you have in clarify the impulse of your purpose, you will be less inclined to lose yourself to the delusion of your own mind and the ever present distractions that are part of our worldly experience.





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