13 Steps to Synchronicity… I = #11

#11 Investigate the validity of the “I” mind…

As long as we continue to imagine ourselves as separate, individual, entities living in a segregated universe we will suffer. The spoken and unspoken purpose of all spiritual paths is to discover Who We Are. We must be willing to pursue our inquiry with vigilance, to question everything we know about ourselves, to question everything we have been told about our lives and the world we live in.


Some have suggested that we abandon the Self by losing ourselves in the details and noise of life; still others provide iconic stories with reasons based on karma and past lives that whittle away the purity of our existence.

The Self remains the Self irrespective of whether we know it or not. It is only the mind that temporarily distracts us with a myriad of stories dismissing our inherent divinity.


We perpetuate this loss by reinforcing the existence of an “I”. Whether it be power and sex, fame and fortune, love and so-called spirituality, we look outside ourselves for ways to strengthen and enhance the security and safety of an “I” that is inherently false, that does not exist. We dutifully edit and script our lives according to tradition, according to the conditioning we were given, and we live our lives as best as we can, with the hope that we will somehow, eventually, experience some level of fulfillment and happiness, purpose and joy, that makes it all worthwhile.


Something is missing though as our suffering continues, our confusion darkens. A story unfolds that somehow, always leaves us feeling unfulfilled. Questions go unanswered, our suffering goes on.


The belief in the existence of a subject “I” temporarily negates what in itself, needs to be negated. To have faith in the “I”, to believe in the “I”, to spend ones life reinforcing the existence of the subject “I” will always lead to greater levels of suffering and the pleasure-pain cycle of our existence.


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