13 Steps to Synchronicity… T = #12

C   Trust  yourSelf…


It is only at the level of the mind that we truly lose touch with the essence of Who We Are.  At some point and to various degrees, most of us begin to believe in the illusion of our separateness as part of our early conditioning.  Our imagined Isolation from our wholeness and perfection leads to distraction, we start to believe in our imperfection, we allow our attention to focus and dwell on “this” and “that”. 


Trust is replaced by the illusion of control, our innocence is replaced by a pandemic fear as we place more and more of our faith in a personal, subjective “I”, in things external that are transient and unreal.  We learn to pay more attention to what is going on outside ourselves rather than developing an awareness of our relationship to the wisdom within us.   


The quality of our life is determined by the quality of the relationship we have to the Self.  It takes great courage and trust to journey within.  It’s the kind of trust that cannot be learned or earned; it must be granted to each and every moment of our day to day existence, to the Self, to others, to our life, to our dreams.


It is a way of being in the world that is not common, a rarity and authenticity that is fresh and always new.  As we learn to give up our dependency on the “I” mind, we experience a renewed zest for life, in our choices and in the visions we have for our life.  We begin to recognize the value and truth of living life based on the strength of our inner relationship. Trust becomes our compass that leads us home to the Self within.  We give up the ordinary and we begin experiencing and living the extraordinary.


Q.   What way would you live your life if you granted complete trust to the moment?

2 Responses

  1. As a person whose life is guided believing and trusting synchronicity, I just wanted to say that this post is: 1000% accurate. 13 is the number and TRUST is fundamental. Listening is key. Actions following sequence is where the magic occurs. However, if one’s T isn’t square the word becomes rust. Rusty cogs in this economical climate is how machines break. We have to liquidate our minds understanding that the purest gold is our heads. We have to wake up an use our brains to eliminate the oxidizing of our spirit’s souls besides, defacing and trashing of our mother: NATURE. I just wanted to add a comment. I hope some fill compelled to examine my blogspot as well:

  2. Quite a lovely post as food for thought.

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