Awakening, Becoming, Being…

We all appear to be in a process of “awakening”; a perceived becoming of Who We already Are.  Trouble begins when the “I” mind of us or others, wants to organize this “happening”, wants to formulate, accelerate, control, or franchise this “process” to ourselves or to others. 


Our desks might need organizing, our receipts for taxes might need organizing, the rooms in our houses might definitely do well with some sort of an organizing, our inherent authentic Self however needs no organizing in order to Be.


The Self exists regardless of the details of perception and experience that occur or do not occur in the world of the “I”, body/mind.  It appears as though we all have a unique opportunity and story regarding the awakening of the single Self that dwells within the all.  It seems like there are times where we choose to awaken, and there are times when we are “forced” to awaken; to become more aware of the details of our life. 


It’s not that these details are any more important or significant than any other detail that may or may not occur.  It appears as though these moments are more about becoming aware of the fact that we can BE aware of the details; to come alive in the “observer” of those details.  If and when this shift of perception occurs, a glimpse or recognition develops that there is a silent, detached, unconditional observer within us, something that was once subjective and unconscious wakes up to become objective and conscious. 


A Seer once said:



“You are where your attention takes you.

In fact you are your attention.

If your attention is fragmented, you are fragmented.

When you attention is in the past, you are in the past.

When your attention is in the present moment you are in the “presence of God and God is present in you…”


The “process” of awakening the observer, of being Who We Are however “slow”, is happening.  When we re-orientate our attention and awareness into the observer, we often experience an acceleration to this process.  As the observer awakens in us, it can often feel more overwhelming than before, as we notice details once unrecognized, our thoughts become louder, our feelings seem to be more intense, everything appears to be more intense… 


The “sting” of awareness, can often feel like a double edged sword, one edge is the choice to be aware of the intensity or sensitivity, because we desire to break the illusion of the “I”, to be more of Who We Are, the other is the temptation to slip back into the perceived pleasure of “denial” around our thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations, memories of experience. 



Who We Are is always there, it’s just so obvious the interface goes unnoticed.  The re-orientation of our attention to bring the background observer to the foreground of our life requires a certain practiced vigilance.  Only the “I” could ever imagine that we are “failing” or even “succeeding” in this process.  The “I” becomes the emotion, where the observer witnesses it arise and subside.  The “I” identifies with the limited thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories and associations; the observer standing detached, can see them all as something that happens or does not happen, with the illusion of a beginning, middle and an end. 


As we awaken the observer, we spend time vacillating back and forth in our “attempts” to “lock in” or “anchor” our awareness to the observer, the doorway to our true Selves and a new way of Being.  Over time, we naturally and spontaneously begin to drop the obsessive identifications of the “I” mind.   


It is clear that there can be no going back though, we have spent too much of our life mesmerized by the foreground of a life that denies the core, innocence and divinity of our true Self.  We are at a turning point, and once the observer/Self is awakened even denial while sometimes pleasurable, is hard to ignore. 


While it may feel familiar and comfortable to live a life within the known of our past, there is a part of us is hungry for the inspiration and transformation that occurs as we step into the uncertainty of the unknown.  There is a part of us that knows the innocence of our true essential, Self and what it is to Be; to express the nature of Who We Are in action.















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