The mind does not matter…


“ Any idea you have about Spirituality has nothing to do with Spirituality…”          

  Stephen Wolinsky
“I” wish “I” said that…


“I” have to confess though, that “I” read it.  It’s one of many lines written by Stephen Wolinsky in his many engaging books that have been having a very big effect on my personal journey and discover of Who I AM.  It’s one of those lines that when contemplated can have a dramatic affect on the way we perceive, understand and experience life.


We spend a lot of time expressing our ideas about the joys, struggles and possibilities that occur in life.  Even death is a topic that has no holds barred, when it comes down to editorial expressions and discussions.


This blog also provides many ideas based on my own personal projections and those of others.  As most know any idea, however romantic, inspiring, engaging or disturbing, can never replace the actual experience that can occur that generates the fodder and speculation of future philosophical diatrabs.


I always wondered if you could discover Who You Are if you NEVER had ANY exposure to any of the teachings available on the topic of Spirituality/religion.  Lets for a moment pretend you are brought up on some exotic Isle where there are no bibles [King James version only please!], no Koran, no Bagavagita, no Torah, no sacred texts of any kind.  Even the teachers are gone, no-one to condition, interpret, provide guidance or distract!


My rhetorical questions might be:


Would you go to Hell, because you’re not saved and have not accepted a certain prophet or teacher?


Would Nirvana be out of your reach because you did not learn to meditate?


Would you be forever lost, because you had not been to any confession and had no idea of what a prayer was.


The hunger for knowing is there, the questions might be there, the seeker is present and waiting!



Our ideas of Spirituality have nothing to do with Spirituality.  Our divinity exists before we have any ideas, while we are in the process of having ideas or struggling with those ideas, and after those ideas have long gone.  Ideas are for the mind.  The mind is not Who We Are.  The mind is a symptom, a tool that functions within time and space.  Who We Are is timeless, it exists in the unfolding progression of the here and now.


While teachings can provide clarity, guidance and understanding to the mind that craves and grasps, our understanding of those ideas or not, has no baring on the divinity that we are.  While we may come up with ever more sophisticated and elegant stories about Who We Were, Who We Are and Who We Will Be, at the end of the day whether we understand those teachings or not, whether we in fact believe those teachings or not, has no barring to Who We Are.  However great those ideas may be, they do not change Who We Are.


Vedanta suggests that the same knowledge has a different meaning at different levels of awareness.  It’s a nice idea.  In fact “I” wish “I”d said that too!  It’s another one of those ideas that when contemplated will probably pop another bubble in the minds ability to make an infinite number of premature, cognitive commitments to pacify its own take on reality and so called Spirituality.  But reality exists prior too, during, and after all knowledge.  At the end of the day whether there is understanding or not, it can occur only at the level of the mind, and the mind does not really matter.  Understanding is the boo-bee prize.


It’s knowing that counts.  Knowing occurs as a result of direct experience.  Knowing is intuitive and non-verbal, it is inherent “knowledge” that needs no study and no memorization; it is the idea of inner wisdom.  Knowing happens through the direct experience of the “I” prior to words, thoughts, feelings, emotions, associations, memories and perceptions.


As we become aware of the fact that we are aware, as we place more and more of our attention to the background of awareness that is; that typically goes unnoticed, we become conscious of the fact that we are conscious.  We will have a thought, be conscious of the thought AND be conscious of the fact that we are conscious.  As we “split” our awareness, we will notice the details of the foreground of our life “out there”, and we will also be aware of the silent, ever present, back drop, of eternity, the doorway to our true Self and home. 


The foreground of our life will always belong to the doings of the mind, it is the background that needs our attention.  As we give our attention to the background of our awareness, as we become aware of being aware, the field of that awareness expands.  The field of that awareness is detached, unshaken, silent, peaceful ~ unconditional!  In the field of this awareness, our mental process comes to an end; the foreground melts into the background where our awareness belongs once again to being… 




this of course is just an idea!


2 Responses

  1. The mind does not matter, in so far as it perishes with the corruptible body, but it is that part of our existence which gives rise to the intellect, the tool which is used to develop our awareness which leads us to question; “Who am I? Whence came I? What is my purpose here? When the intellect (which also must perish) becomes enlightened, we become conscious of what we truly are, Spirit immortal, deluded by our involvement with matter and mind. We become aware of an inherent unity. The multiplicity and diversity of the waves are no more; there is one Ocean.

    This, of course is just an idea.

  2. Well said;


    we can dig a little deeper…

    Everything gives rise to everything else…

    To assign creative capacities to the intellect (our ideas, notions, beliefs, concepts, and discriminations) or to any “other” aspect in the field of form and phenomena is to reinforce the existence of the fictitious “I”, to prematurely acknowledge the illusion or something that inherently does not exist.

    Everything is the cause of everything else…

    Something that does not exist (the intellect) cannot “become” enlightened. Something that does not exist (like the “I” mirage) cannot claim responsibility for “this” and “that”. If “enlightenment” happens or does not happen it has nothing to do with the meanderings of an “I”. There can be no cause/effect relationship too “enlightenment,” it happens or it does not happen, independent of any perceived “I” attempts or “understanding”.

    The “impulse” of realization is spontaneous and uncaused. While the “I” might take ownership for the details of its “success” and the seeds of “failure” for “enlightenment or indeed, some or all of the” happenings” or not “happenings” that occur in life, it is a trap to imagine, ascribe or assign a cause/effect relationship to the “I” and will only draw us (and the “I”) into more trouble or suffering.

    This is where discovery of “Who We Are”, breaks all allegiance and ties to regular “paths” of Spirituality, especially new age doctrines based on concepts of “creating our reality”, or “the law of attraction”. While the questions of Who am I? Whence came I? and What is my purpose here? can provide needed clarity and perceived direction ~ I’ve use them frequently : ), they are still questions of the “I” mind on it’s perceived journey. As awareness, there is no need to engage or pursue these questions since there can be no coming or going, doing or not doing, being or not being…

    … an idea is a metaphoric reresentation of something that does not exist.

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