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Blog Talk Radio Interview with ZEN Shredding author michael sean symonds…
May 29, 2008

I had the joy of being interviewed for one hour by

 Dr. Niama Williams of 

…some of my story,

…some of my inspirations,

…some of my passions ~ enjoy!

 Blogg Talk Radio Interview with michael sean symonds

These are a few of my favorite things…
May 20, 2008

… Expressing my creativity. Sharing my gifts.  Listening to another.


Waking up in the early morning realizing I have a few more hours to go before I “have” to get up.


The satisfaction of doing something because I want to, not because I have to.


May 18, 2008







lucid and silent.


Alert and peaceful,




Without desire,


ever present.




In the silent mind of awareness


things come and go.


Infinite beginnings,


immortalized endings.




With awareness;


the “I” dances in a field of innocence,


pregnant with possibility.


The “I”,


sits and watches,


as it slowly sinks into the motionless,




expression of it’s true Being.




Thoughts flow,


the “I” does not respond.


The real “me” loses interest in their comings and goings.


I am deliberate and intentional,


my commitment is tireless.





As pure awareness becomes Self awareness,


the “I” becomes empty,


in the here and now;












Who you are, has nothing to do with who you are being…
May 16, 2008


For most people, who we are being is largely affected by the inner conversations we listen too, conversations and thoughts that occur to the “I” mind.  When we think sad thoughts, it affects who we are being, when we think happy thoughts, it typically also affects who we are being.  When we feel angry, confused, frustrated, depressed, concerned or inspired, most of us will inevitably experience and express the swing of those thoughts and feelings at some level of our psychology and physiology.


What happens when we start to be aware of the fact that we are aware of those conversations or thoughts?  What happens when we are no longer willing to listen to those inner conversations or thoughts? What happens when we allow those conversations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories to come and go, to arise and subside without reaction, without fear, without concern?  What happens when we develop a level of detachment to whether those inner conversations and thoughts are labeled as “positive” or “negative”?


Q and A on ZEN Shredding the book…
May 2, 2008

The questions:


*     Why is your book called Zen Shredding?


*     How would you describe your book?


*     What was the inspiration for the writing of the book?


*     How is Zen Shredding connected to the slide show that is circulating the Internet?


*     Who do you think is going to be interested in this title?


*     One theme you have in the book is the idea of asking questions in life, what do you think is the most important question to ask?


*     What would you like to say about Being Change?


*     What is your connection to Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Centre in California?


*     If there is one thing you’d like everyone to remember about this book, what is it?


*     What can you say about the Zero Ceiling Initiative that is part of this book?


*     Why writing?



*     So, when is the book going to be ready?




The answers:


Q.     Why is your book called Zen Shredding?


I’ve been a daily meditator since 1989.  It is a practice that has significantly impacted the subjective experience I have of life and how I experience life.  Everything I do is ultimately filtered through the awareness or perception I have or do not have of the Self.

While my meditation practice is not a form of Buddhism, I believe all practices when successful lead us to the same destination or realization.  The term Zen represents to me a quality of living and experiencing life that I desire to cultivate more fully.


When I decided to learn how to snowboard (the second time), and I progressed through the days, weeks and months of that new experience, many internal “obstacles” were brought to the surface, some were old, “issues” that I was familiar with and had worked on over the past two decades, and some were new. 


Essentially my snowboarding experience became a “boot camp” return to many principles or insights that have served me well on my own personal journey of growth and transformation. “Shred” or “Shredding” are slang words to describe how snowboarders traverse their terrain; I want to be traverse the terrain of my life with Zen like approach or way of being.   



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