Who you are, has nothing to do with who you are being…


For most people, who we are being is largely affected by the inner conversations we listen too, conversations and thoughts that occur to the “I” mind.  When we think sad thoughts, it affects who we are being, when we think happy thoughts, it typically also affects who we are being.  When we feel angry, confused, frustrated, depressed, concerned or inspired, most of us will inevitably experience and express the swing of those thoughts and feelings at some level of our psychology and physiology.


What happens when we start to be aware of the fact that we are aware of those conversations or thoughts?  What happens when we are no longer willing to listen to those inner conversations or thoughts? What happens when we allow those conversations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories to come and go, to arise and subside without reaction, without fear, without concern?  What happens when we develop a level of detachment to whether those inner conversations and thoughts are labeled as “positive” or “negative”?


A lot of attention is given over to changing, stopping, fixing or reframing our inner conversations and thoughts these days.  While positive thinking has its merits; most of us in fact would much rather be around “positive” person versus a “negative” person, its important know our thoughts have nothing to do with Who We Are.  The process of thinking is in itself, highly overrated. 


Most human beings are completely oblivious to the fact that they are not their thoughts; most human beings continue to think and behave as though they are their thoughts.  This is where most of our trouble and suffering begins, with a little awareness; it can also be where it ends.


Most human beings are so overly identified with, and obsessed with their thoughts, they fail to notice or recognize that who they are, is independent from their thoughts.  You are the one who is having those thoughts, those thougths are happening to the “you”.  The denial is so deep many people actually believe that by changing their thoughts they can change who they are.  Changing our thoughts might have the possibility of momentarily changing who we are being, but it will never affect Who We Are.  Who We Are lies beyond the “I” mind.  Who We Are interfaces with Who We Are, as awareness.


Awareness is innocent, unconditional, silent and unbounded.  When we become aware of the fact that we are aware, when we begin to associate ourselves with this awareness, we begin to embody the qualities and characteristics of awareness.  We begin to embody the innocent, unconditional, silent, unbounded nature of that awareness.  We begin to experience and express those qualities into the world of form and phenomena. Awareness is infinitely dynamic, self sufficient, all embracing and integrating.  Awareness is freedom; freedom from judgment, evaluation and comparison.  In its simplicity, it is.  As awareness, we lack nothing. 


As long as we continue to identify ourselves with our thoughts, we will invite discord, distinction and dissention into our experience.  As long as we continue to believe we are our thoughts we will experience the inherent bondage and limitation of those thoughts, we will play the role of being a perceived victim to those thoughts. 


It’s important to know that thoughts are not inherently “good” or “bad”.  The source of a “good” thought and the source of a “bad” thought, is the same source.  Any thought arises and subsides from the same source in awareness, as all thoughts.  It is only the “I” mind that places a value judgment on them as being “good” or “bad”.


We need to be aware of the fact that we are aware.  Our deliberate, intentional awareness will gradually and spontaneously deepen and expand the spectrum of its nature and expression in our lives.  As our awareness expands, we will begin to dissolve the mirage of our identification with and to our thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories.  We will no longer be in the pain of our past or the fear of our future; we will be supremely concentrated in our present moment awareness. 


As we meditate on awareness as our true being, we will gradually become more and more detached from our personal stories of suffering, we will no longer overly identify or be determined by the inner conversations and thoughts we experience in life.  We will no longer need to worry about who we are being, because we will know Who We Are.  In awareness, being will take care of itSelf…




Are you willing to make room for Who You Are in your life?



Which conversations are you going to listen too?



Can you watch without listening?



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