These are a few of my favorite things…

… Expressing my creativity. Sharing my gifts.  Listening to another.


Waking up in the early morning realizing I have a few more hours to go before I “have” to get up.


The satisfaction of doing something because I want to, not because I have to.


Looking back at my past, knowing that I made it through and will contribute to this world and others, just for the joy of it.


A playful moment when I connect with a smile to a child and they look back seeing me as I AM, without any judgment.


The smell of the forest, the sound of a mountain fresh stream, the sight of Alpine glow.


Eating chocolate first thing in the morning, before brushing my teeth.


Watching two lovers holding hands, oblivious to my gaze, as two become one.


Going to movies with myself, having a coffee, losing myself in conversations with others, while dining over an amazing lunch.




Sometimes… just because.



Not having to believe anything I’ve been told!


Witnessing the kindness of another.


Slipping into the silence of the present, moment, now.


Reading great poetry, hearing an inspiring story, bloging great questions…





These are some of the ways that I celebrate and experience happiness…


What are yours?





Buttering the Sky





on my shoes.


Boiling water,


toasting bread,


Buttering the sky:


That should be enough


contact with God in one day


to make anyone





Poem by Hafiz


[translated by Daniel Ladinsky]



Lasting happiness will never be found in things.  The simple joys of life while precious, necessary and elevating, will never replace the gift of awareness within being…






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