The First Insight ~ ZEN Shredding…



In the course of your life you will ask

yourself many questions.  To know where you are

heading you just need to listen to the questions you are asking yourself in every moment.


Sometimes when you ask questions you will

receive a response to every situation as it occurs and other times you might need to sit with those questions, to accept the unresolved questions of your life unconditionally as part of the mystery of your life experience. 


Most of us spend our lives looking for

answers and happiness outside ourselves and are never really satisfied.  Many of us also ask questions that dwell only on the practical necessities of life and as a result live lives of mediocrity.  As you practice asking questions you will learn to navigate not only the mystery of your Soul but also the journey of your life.  Knowing which questions to ask is part of the mystery and creative challenge of being.  Some of the most important questions you can ask are:



Who am I?


What do I want?


Why am I here?



These three questions will eventually merge to

become one;


What am I doing for others and how can I


contribute more to the planet I live on?




Extended commentary….


While I was formerly introduced to the articulation of the first three questions when I began my study and work with the Chopra Centre in 2001, in truth I had been living them experientially all my life.


A lot can be said about this first insight, but what I would like to say now is how the dimension of change relates to these questions.  I think we can comfortably say that there is no right or wrong answers to any of the questions/commentaries that will be explored in this blog section or my book ZEN Shredding.  It is the application of the questions to your own life that is important.  What does it bring up for you?  How do the commentaries and insights impact your life?  Can they provide the preamble for effortless change as you engage them actively in your life.


It’s also important to recognize that as we move through our life experience our awareness gradually deepens and expands and, as a result, the nature of our response to these questions will also change too the ebb and flow of our experience.  While you might have a particular response to a particular question ~ yesterday, what will come up for you today might be radically different than what will come up for you tomorrow.


I believe our whole life is a natural progression towards the awakening of our intelligence and inner wisdom within.  No step or stage can be minimized in terms of the contribution it has to the expansion of our awareness that is occurring in the present moment.



Our addiction, allegiance and misunderstanding of the concept of realization or enlightenment only further perpetuates the personal dismissal many have towards the beauty and brilliance of present moment awareness.  As we dance mindfully in the questions Who am I? What do I want? and Why am I here?  We will naturally and inevatably realize through our own experience the impact our expression has on others and our extended body; the planet Earth.  And, if we are truly willing to be honest we will eventually accept that the only change ever needed was in fact within…


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