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Insight #7 ~ ZEN Shredding…
July 29, 2008



Pursuing dreams is

not just about achieving something.





It’s also about “letting go”. Pursuing a dream often generates change and transformation that nudges your life in quantum leaps.  Stepping into the unknown is less threatening when you detach from expectations and old ways of being that no longer serve you.



Extended commentary:

In the pursuit of my dreams I have noticed that what I imagined (the expectation or intention) and what happens (the result) are often very different.  Whether in observation of the moment or hindsight, I am often pleasantly surprised in how the “happening” unfolds in the pursuit and realization of my dreams, of how those intended desires and dreams can differ, change or surpass previously imagined levels of fulfillment.


Insight #6 ~ ZEN Shredding…
July 22, 2008


Your dreams are the way. 




It’s so easy to defer to external sources for solutions to quell the hunger and passion that screams inside.  While prophets, sages and seers may provide needed or necessary information, pursuing a dream ~ any dream, is the first step in orchestrating a life of deeper fulfillment and meaning.


Extended commentary:

Deep down many people would love to have instant access to messages and messengers of guidance and support from some great teacher; many would love to have our very own personal “conversation with God”.  I believe the essence of our dreams are the necessary guidance and support we traditionally, so often seek outside ourselves.  I believe our dreams are the language of our Soul as it whispers to us gently taking the form of our intentions, desires, aspirations and dreams. 


Insight #5 ~ ZEN Shredding…
July 16, 2008


It doesn’t really

matter what you believe. 


While circumstance, situation, skill and talent can shape the perception of your process and outcome, there can be no causal connection between your practice, belief and outcome.  It is only the perceived obstacles of your life that are deeply affected by your practice and belief.


Insight #4 ~ ZEN Shredding…
July 9, 2008

Take action on your dreams.


There is no magic genie to fulfill every wish, want, need or desire you have.  However, by taking small, simple steps towards your imagined future in the present moment, you engage the creative process at its deepest level.  As you take action by stepping into the unknown, you engage the flow of potential in your life and in this flow you gain access to infinite possibilities.


Extended commentary:  


Insight #3 ~ ZEN Shredding…
July 1, 2008



Great dreams have an incubation period.

Sometimes your most important dreams and desires will take time to manifest. To let those dreams and desires unfold naturally and spontaneously, you need to be completely detached from the who, what, where, when, how and why of life.


Extended commentary:


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