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Great dreams have an incubation period.

Sometimes your most important dreams and desires will take time to manifest. To let those dreams and desires unfold naturally and spontaneously, you need to be completely detached from the who, what, where, when, how and why of life.


Extended commentary:

Most people in new age/spiritual circles have a very skued perspective on the true nature of the creative process and our perceived role within it.  Many have been taught to believe that a few affirmations will set in motion some law of attraction that will make every dream and desire they have come true. 

While there are circumstances and situations where a shift in attention can sometimes trigger a somewhat dramatic and “magical” result, if you actually take the time to have conversations with those who are pursuing, living and experiencing the innocent expression of their most meaningful dreams, you will find that those dreams more often or not unfolded over a period of time; that the dream itself went through periods of incubation and transformation before the dream manifested in the world of form and phenomena. 

It is common during this incubation period that the dream itself is cultivated and clarified; where a mix of events and experiences that involve people, places, situations and circumstances appear to further the dream along as an integral part of the experience of the dreamer and their dream.  Often the strength of the dream is challenged or refined during this incubation period, often transforming itself again and again prior to its new, unanticipated expression.

As an artist I have always been amazed as I watch the creative process unfold in my own life, how simple mistakes, learned skills, new resources, tools or external information and experiences will often impact the timing, quality and result of a project I am working on in dramatic ways. 

One aspect I have come to appreciate is the ability to practice detachment with regard to the expectations I have around the results of a particular project or dream.  I have learned the immense value and benefit of allowing the ebb and flow of an idea it’s necessary germination period, prior to its physical conception in the outer world.  The more detached I can be around my intended outcome, the more space is created in the environment of incubation; for something even better to influence, contribute or actualize the realization of the dream.

I have also as of late; become very clear that my role is not one where I participate as the creator of my objective reality; even the word co-creation asserts and usurps a level of volition that is in itself cognitively premature. I feel more juiced, more alive, more in touch with the impulses of creative forces by instead, redefining “ my abilities” to be still and quiet, so that I might become a better listener to the life throb of eternity, that dwells within and through me.  My intention is to be more attentive so that I might notice and allow the subtle currants of ideas, people, circumstances and situations spontaneously and synchronistically to appear in the ebb and flow of a practiced detachment…      



Are you willing to let go of the who, what, where, when, how and why of your life?


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  1. THIS IS AWESOME. I really really was inspired by these words. Thank you.

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