Insight #4 ~ ZEN Shredding…

Take action on your dreams.


There is no magic genie to fulfill every wish, want, need or desire you have.  However, by taking small, simple steps towards your imagined future in the present moment, you engage the creative process at its deepest level.  As you take action by stepping into the unknown, you engage the flow of potential in your life and in this flow you gain access to infinite possibilities.


Extended commentary:  


I don’t think there is anyone in life who does not have some sort of dream, desire or wish for their life or for the lives of others.  Human beings underestimate the impact the expression dreams can have n the lives we live.  We minimize, deny and dismiss the power that lies in the pursuit of those dreams, choosing instead to live our lives according to someone else’s plan or idea of how our life should be.  We forget that we have dreams, we push them to the back of our minds and we lose touch with the whispers of our Soul.


 The impulse that lies at the source of every dream is the same impulse that creates a universe, a galaxy of stars and a new born baby.  To acknowledge those dreams is to acknowledge, listen too, and fulfill the promise of a new tomorrow, one that could change your life and the world forever. 


Action on your dreams could begin by simply becoming clear of it, by stilling your mind and quieting your body, by journaling, researching, reflecting, deciding or choosing.  The action could be to develop a specific skill or talent that could lead you towards the realization of it.  Your action could be the decision to build relationships with those people, places and experiences that could potentially provide you with the necessary information to incubate and evolve your dream, taking it from the level of an idea into the world of form and phenomena.  To take action is to open the doorway of possibility.  It’s the choice to say YES to your dream and the life you have always desired.


There can be no wrong in spending your life pursuing the innocence that lies at the heart of every dream ~ to express Who You Are ~ as love in action.  Being IS the basis of inspired thinking, and inspired thinking is the basis of spontaneous doing.  When the mind is quiet and the body is still, there are no distinctions between the being, the thinking and the action of doing…   



What small action step do you need to take towards the realization of your fondest dreams?


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