Insight #5 ~ ZEN Shredding…


It doesn’t really

matter what you believe. 


While circumstance, situation, skill and talent can shape the perception of your process and outcome, there can be no causal connection between your practice, belief and outcome.  It is only the perceived obstacles of your life that are deeply affected by your practice and belief.


Extended commentary:

There was a time in history, when most of the people on this planet thought the earth was flat, this did not change the fact that it was not.  It took time, heroic courage, and the wisdom of experience to break away from this belief and paradigm.  A speaker once said, “the limits of your belief define the limits of your reality.” 


The barrier of a belief creates the subjective experience of pain and suffering in our lives, it becomes the foundation of all our patterns of ineffectiveness.  We all have beliefs that affect the subjective perception we have of ourselves and the world we live in.  We could say belief is 99% perception and 1% truth when it comes down to the impact it has on our life; it does not matter whether a belief is true or not, because if you perceive it to be true and then act upon that belief as though it was true; that belief might as well be true as a result of how it is impacting and affecting your life.


When it comes down to the most important areas of our life and who we imagine ourselves to be, we spend most of our life adopting self engendered ideas and beliefs that perpetuate our own innate misconceptions of not only who we are but also reality itself.  We wonder why our world appears to be so crazy; why our lives seem to be filled with such pain and suffering. We walk around focused on, maintaining and defending those limited and conditioned core beliefs, perceptions and notions of who we think we are and how we think life should be lived, missing the 1% of the truth that could provide us the leverage and freedom to break the bondage of our own thinking.


While the limits of your belief may define the limits of your own personal, subjective experience of reality, in itself, a prevailing belief does not change the fact of reality itself.  You might imagine that you are this or that; you may imagine yourself to be lost (or found) to the story of who you think you are; you might believe you need to do this or that in order to gain, fix, change and improve who you think yourself to be, but ultimately reality will continue to exist prior too and after all knowledge and belief you may have about yourSelf and the world you live in.  At the end of the day or your lifetime, is it more important to know the truth of who you really are, or to invest in a lifetime of accumulated, irrelevant, premature cognitive commitments?    



What perceived obstacles do you have in your life that prevent you from experiencing a deeper level of success or the pursuit of your dreams?


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