Insight #6 ~ ZEN Shredding…


Your dreams are the way. 




It’s so easy to defer to external sources for solutions to quell the hunger and passion that screams inside.  While prophets, sages and seers may provide needed or necessary information, pursuing a dream ~ any dream, is the first step in orchestrating a life of deeper fulfillment and meaning.


Extended commentary:

Deep down many people would love to have instant access to messages and messengers of guidance and support from some great teacher; many would love to have our very own personal “conversation with God”.  I believe the essence of our dreams are the necessary guidance and support we traditionally, so often seek outside ourselves.  I believe our dreams are the language of our Soul as it whispers to us gently taking the form of our intentions, desires, aspirations and dreams. 


When we become a knower of reality, by cultivating and discovering Who We Are, we have the ability to engage our own inner wisdom in infinite, unbounded ways.  Our dreams are the impressions and impulses of the Universe as it presents to us hints that arise in the form of ideas and opportunities to be harnessed as stepping stones towards creating the kind of life we have dreamed of living. 


When the mind is quiet we are able to navigate the distracting nonsense of conditioning that often minimizes or overwhelms the importance of pursuing the dream.  In silence, we are able to elevate our choices and decision making process to a level of clarity that can contribute the greatest potential benefit for ourselves and others.


If you could imagine for a second, “your perfect world”; one in which your well being and the well being of others can be seen and realized.  Your inherent dreams are the foundation and cornerstones of this perfect world!  When your dreams are inclusive, integrated, and pursued, they become the necessary elements of change; a vast formulae that becomes a vehicle of transition and transformation to not only creating “Our Perfect World”, but also, the dawn of a new humanity…      


Do you trust the still, small voice within you?




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