Insight #7 ~ ZEN Shredding…



Pursuing dreams is

not just about achieving something.





It’s also about “letting go”. Pursuing a dream often generates change and transformation that nudges your life in quantum leaps.  Stepping into the unknown is less threatening when you detach from expectations and old ways of being that no longer serve you.



Extended commentary:

In the pursuit of my dreams I have noticed that what I imagined (the expectation or intention) and what happens (the result) are often very different.  Whether in observation of the moment or hindsight, I am often pleasantly surprised in how the “happening” unfolds in the pursuit and realization of my dreams, of how those intended desires and dreams can differ, change or surpass previously imagined levels of fulfillment.


With continued practice or exercise in engaging dreams, a time comes where you begin to realize the importance of staying focused on the intent of your dream, rather than an obsession to “make that dream happen in some particular time or way”.  The space created by including an awareness of the ever present Self, while pursuing the dream often provides a buffer to the distraction and drama that might float through the day to day ebb and flow of the dream as it manifests in the world of form and phenomena.


Intention begs an ever increasing degree of detachment to the many expected outcomes the mind and conditioning place on our dreams; it creates the space for amazing elements of synchronicity to occur that often provide an elevated enhancement to the realization of the intention that could never have been imagined.


In the past, dreams were often pursued by focusing purely on the objective, outer realm of the physical, Newtonian world, which suggested things needed to be controlled, manipulated, fixed or replaced.  The subjective  inner realm of wisdom and Being was ignored, the interconnectedness of life was denied.  Aadaptability, surrender and detachment were substituted by methods, formulas and plans that became more and more restrictive as the obsession to the foreground of an imagined reality became managed by a self or “I” mind that wrongly took authorship and ownership over the dream.


As long as the dream (desire) remains innocent; we have the ability to navigate the confusion of an ever change world, we move to the ebb, flow and rhythm of the dream.  As long as we remain grounded in Who We Are, we are free to observe, understand and then let go of conditioned ways of being that have never supported the effortless expression, evolution and innocence that lay at the heart of every dream…



What behaviors or beliefs do you need to let go to pursue your dreams?


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