The 8th Insight ~ ZEN Shredding…


Life is truly what you make it. 




Whether you’re four, twenty-four or sixty-four, you will always have the ability to learn something new.  Creating an experience that provides growth, transformation and pure joy isn’t age dependent.


Extended commentary:

While this oft heard expression can be perceived as trite in its superficiality, a little contemplation and application to your own life experience can often bring insight, clarity and potential movement to a life or dream that has paused or stalled. 


There have been, and I’m sure will be, times where we all experience doubt, confusion and challenge in the pursuit of our dreams.  When I contemplate this insight in my own life I am often reminded and challenged : ), to see how frequently it is “the subjective me” that needs to get out of the way, to create the space for something to shift or occur (if only acceptance), in my world. 


So often in life many of us are pulled off the track of a particular journey as a result of the many distractions, challenges and conditions, that can arise on that journey that are external or internal in nature.  Of late, a lot of conversation and attention has been given over to a very old philosophy of “you create your reality”.


In this particular commentary I’m not interested in debating the validity of this particular belief.  I am however interested specifically in the importance and success of realizing that it is our subjective experience of life ultimately has the greatest impact, benefit and value in the art of our “personal” transformation; regardless if there is an external change or not. 


While the degree of our subjective experience of freedom varies greatly from person to person, the skill, application and practice of navigating our internal, emotional, psycho/spiritual subjective state and experience of that subjective freedom, clearly outweighs any effort to explicitly affect the world of form and phenomena.  Paying equal or greater attention to the wellness and elevation of your subjective experience of freedom is clearly more important and sustainable in the long term, than spending a lifetime trying to master the ability to create permanent change in an outside world that is in constant flux of change. 


I am ultimately; the one who enhances or depreciates my own value regardless of what age and conditioning I have received.  When I have access to and cultivate my own subjective experience of freedom on the inside, I am more frequently prepared for the trials and tribulations and “breakthroughs” that may occur as I traverse the day to day circumstance, plans and dreams I have for my external world.  There is no causal connection or correlation between your subjective experience of freedom (or perceived bondage) and the outside world, but it is infinitely more auspicious… 



What will you create today?

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