Insight #9 ~ ZEN Shredding…


Live the dream. 




You will always be able to come up with reasons to kill your dream, to become a victim of your own reasoning. You were born to live the dream; you were born to be the dream.  When you hold back on the dream, you resist the creative expression of the entire Universe.


Extended commentary:


When it comes down to the final few breaths of your life, you may be cognizant enough to reflect on how you have lived your life; What was desired?  What was achieved, What was lost.  Many questions may cross your mind that relate to who you were and who you could have been… 


I know I will have spent much of my own life dancing with some of these questions and their many variations: Did I pursue my dreams; did I live those dreams to their fullest?   Did I aspire to all that I could have become?   What areas of my life did I shrink back from to settle for the status quo of what life appeared to give me?  Which dreams did I abandon? Which dreams were fulfilled?


I believe now, that I will recognize then, that I will have spent much of my life courting the spectrum and pursuit of those dreams; that even though a few of those dreams may not have been realized in the ways I expected or wanted, I will feel satisfied in the effort and energy that I put into their quest.  I know I will be comfortable saying then, that I lived the dream of my own to the best of my abilities…



How do you victimize yourself and your dreams with excuses?


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