ZEN Shredding ~ The Tenth Insight…


Why not.


If you’re the kind of person who has struggled with decision-making, it might be time to practice the ‘why not’ principle.  This principle means you don’t have to have a reason for doing something.  To have a reason is to justify.  You don’t have to have a reason to be, do or have something in life.   Sometimes you simply know without knowing why. 


Extended commentary:


I think more often or not, we know what is good for us, we know what is right for us!  We know what we need to be doing.  We know how we need to doing it.  We know when we need to do it, and who “should” be part of it. We know where we need to be, and at its most innocent level, we know why we need to be doing what we feel we “should” be doing, being or having.



Equally as often and more so in fact, we then defer from that knowingness to the mind.  We question our knowing; we resist, ignore, invalidate and fear our knowing.  We avoid and abandon that knowingness by engaging the mind in irrelevant, unnecessary, distracting, self defeating, and inner conversation that creates complexity, confusion, doubt, frustration and interference with our knowing.


There are times when you will clearly know, and that’s all you need to know!  There will be no need to question, no need to clarify, no need to formulate the why’s and the where for’s of that knowing.  What’s the point in wasting effort and energy in pursuing a line of “conversation” when you already know?   


When we consistently defer to our ability of knowing, we elevate confusion and we cultivate anxiety in our experience.  Inner wisdom and knowing, is replaced by the noise and nonsense of conditioning and we lose touch with not only our knowing but also our connection and affirmation to that Self which is our knowing.


You know, its time to reaffirm your knowing!

And in that knowing there will be transformation; within that transformation you will find freedom that lies within the knowing….   



 What meaningful choices do you ignore in your life?


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