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ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #16
September 29, 2008


Life is your teacher. 


If you believe you are here to learn lessons, life itself can provide you with more than enough to contemplate.  Paying attention to your own experience can elevate your process, as does the realization that observing others in their own process is much less painful than recreating the same lessons over and over again, personally.


Extended commentary:

All psychology and Spirituality is based on the belief that there is an independent “I” or self, that is here to learn lessons, evolve, become a better “I”, or improve the quality of its life or the world at large.  While the inherent intention may be innocent, it can create obstacles when pursuing the journey of Who You Are.


That being said, a temporary reframe of our present experience and perception of reality as through the “I”, can often provide a certain level of comfort as we find easier ways to cope the complexity and challenges of every day living.  Finding strategies for successful living while temporary at most, can be improved when we use our present experience to inform us in our day to day decision making process to navigate the situations we face. 


ZEN Shredding ~ insight #15
September 21, 2008


Take some lessons from life.


Our greatest evolutionary path is occurring in the present moment.  What needs to be taken care of in your life is reflected directly by what is going on or not going on in your life.


Extended commentary:

Often we enmesh ourselves with disempowering behaviors by seeking distracting explanations and interpretations to our personal tribulations by looking outside ourselves for ever more sophisticated solutions.


You are going to do or not do, what you need to do. 

Whatever you do or do not do will provide you with new information from which you can potentially evaluate and navigate your moment to moment experience. What needs to be taken care of in your life can be determined by looking directly at your life, now. 


ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #14
September 16, 2008

Take some lessons.  


We are all intentionally hard wired for Nirvana; a lesson or two with a good teacher will gently support you in the direction of your most treasured dreams.


Extended commentary:


I don’t think there is a point in life where we stop learning.  Many of us however, consciously or unconsciously decide to stop learning for a hundred different reasons.  When we stop learning, life becomes repetitious and boring. 


When pursuing our dreams whatever they may be, we can enhance our success rate by enrolling the support of others in the process of engaging our own dreams.  While many things can be learned by blind practice, we can illiminate a lot of pain and suffering by taking advantage of the wisdom of experience of a friend, coach or teacher, who may add new information to the feedback mix of perception.


ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #13
September 9, 2008


Start life on the bunny hill. 




Our greatest teachers are often the most successful learners.  Children learn as they play.  If your learning does not seem playful something might need to shift in your life.



Extended commentary:


I’m NOT the most patient person in the world.  Sometimes I can be “type A ~ on steroids”.  In the past, others have also described me as “driven” and “willful”.  There is some truth in both of these observations, as I become more aware of the “push” energy that can sometimes drive my life.  Sometimes a part of me just wants to have “it” all ~ NOW.  Perhaps it is my driven, disciplined side; perhaps it is the part of me that knows infinite things are possible when we engage the creative capacity of our attention, desire, focus, discipline and action.  This being said, at the end of the day it’s only speculation and story… 


Any skill in life requires a mix of practice and learning, experiences and wisdom to realize the fruition of our efforts.  Using the support of coaches, teachers and mentors while we pursue our dreams often provides the necessary information and resource to inform us in balanced ways how to navigate the day to day territory of our dreams. 


All dreams have a beginning, a place where we start to action on the visions we have for our life.  While the journey of realizing the dream may take many steps, it’s important to begin somewhere.  To gently engage our intention with actions that give meaning and direction to our desires.  Often, it is the first step that is most difficult to take; a step into the unknown that sometimes brings a fear of uncertainty. 


When we take small steps towards our dreams; steps that create an environment, that reflect back the you, you where meant to be, we access possibility and freedom.  In the learning, there is the potential for possibility and in the unknown of this uncertainty, within the possibility; there are freedoms that could never have been considered or anticipated…       



What needs to shift in how you approach your life?


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ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #12
September 1, 2008


Seize opportunities.




But what opportunities? Find the opportunities that hide in the people, places and experiences that occur daily in your life.  The opportunities that lie dormant in the conversations, chance meetings, and relationships.  The most important thing is to pay attention to the story of your life, listening and looking for relevant themes and continuity.


Every moment is potentially an extraordinary moment in the elevation and evolution of your own awareness.


Extended commentary:


I do not believe we only get one chance in life. 

I believe opportunity lies outside the domain of rational thinking, beliefs, perceptions, notions, values and philosophical thinking’s and circumstance.  It is the nature of the ONE Self, to orchestrate forever, infinite opportunities to elevate the intimacy, and relationship potential that occurs in your life.


In every moment there is an opportunity to reconnect with what appears to be disconnected.  In every moment there is the possibility and potential to allow greater levels of creative authenticity to be expressed into the world of form.  While the mind may question, doubt, resist, analyze and formulize the who, the what, the where, the when and the why of life, the ONE mind seeks to unite this and that, here and there, up and down, in and out.


As you stabilize your attention to the “ONE mind”, you will cultivate the opportunity for you to engage your life in ways you could never have imagined.  Events, situations, and circumstances will synchronistically guide you to the threshold of a life you could only have previously dreamed of. 


Be attentive to the opportunities that lie in chance meetings, conversations, and coincidental circumstance that arises in the present moment.  Each present moment is a stepping stone to the next moment and the evolution of your life.  Each moment is an opportunistic thread, woven into the fabric of an ever unfolding conspiracy to elevate Who You Are and What You will become…   




What opportunities in your life need to be



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