ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #12


Seize opportunities.




But what opportunities? Find the opportunities that hide in the people, places and experiences that occur daily in your life.  The opportunities that lie dormant in the conversations, chance meetings, and relationships.  The most important thing is to pay attention to the story of your life, listening and looking for relevant themes and continuity.


Every moment is potentially an extraordinary moment in the elevation and evolution of your own awareness.


Extended commentary:


I do not believe we only get one chance in life. 

I believe opportunity lies outside the domain of rational thinking, beliefs, perceptions, notions, values and philosophical thinking’s and circumstance.  It is the nature of the ONE Self, to orchestrate forever, infinite opportunities to elevate the intimacy, and relationship potential that occurs in your life.


In every moment there is an opportunity to reconnect with what appears to be disconnected.  In every moment there is the possibility and potential to allow greater levels of creative authenticity to be expressed into the world of form.  While the mind may question, doubt, resist, analyze and formulize the who, the what, the where, the when and the why of life, the ONE mind seeks to unite this and that, here and there, up and down, in and out.


As you stabilize your attention to the “ONE mind”, you will cultivate the opportunity for you to engage your life in ways you could never have imagined.  Events, situations, and circumstances will synchronistically guide you to the threshold of a life you could only have previously dreamed of. 


Be attentive to the opportunities that lie in chance meetings, conversations, and coincidental circumstance that arises in the present moment.  Each present moment is a stepping stone to the next moment and the evolution of your life.  Each moment is an opportunistic thread, woven into the fabric of an ever unfolding conspiracy to elevate Who You Are and What You will become…   




What opportunities in your life need to be



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2 Responses

  1. I think it is true that opportunities are all around us, if we will only open our minds to them. They are often found when we least expect them. Sometimes an opportunity presents itself in the form of a change we have to make (such as when my local Curves closed down and I had to find another), or in the form of something we aren’t sure that we want but the still small voice of our intuition tells us to check it out. Sometimes we are so busy looking for that big goal in our lives that we miss the small opportunities that will add up to making it happen. It comforting to know that the Universe will keep providing us with opportunities so that we can keep learning and growing. If we miss the first one, there will be more.

  2. Tracy!

    Thank you for your comment it opens up a dialogue around “how we define opportunity”. Initially we might assume that it is only apparent “positive” experiences that provide us with opportunities for growth, transformation and evolution to our life. Your suggestion that change can also provide opportunity, perhaps hidden in the experience, opens the doorway to seeing ALL experience as the potential “opportunity” ~ including the perceived “negative” ones. For example a toxic relationship, a job termination, that was no longer providing you the inspiration, relationships in general that no longer seem intimate or serving.

    Even when those “opportunities” are shrouded by our own fear, judgment or confusion, they still could provide the vehicle or opportunity to steer our lives in magical ways…

    In January of this year I had a bit of a fender bender (OK, my jeep was sideswiped by a truck and I rolled onto the side). I came out ok, but my poor little steed, had a lot of cosmetic work needed to bring it back to its original state. As part of the insurance settlement I received a small, but needed sum of money that aloud me to pursue a couple of creative projects I had wanted to do. While I could analyze the obvious circumstance to a place of paralysis [especially if I dived into the whole new age dogma of cause and effect], I did come out of this perceived situation in ways I could never have imagined; even within this somewhat upsetting circumstance there was fodder for growth and movement.

    While this whole movement of thought reflects a mind that only seeks to survive in better ways [by finding meaning within experience], the larger principle or strategy at work, is to be reminded of the fact that the doors never close on opportunity in your life, regardless of your situation, circumstance, background, or conditioning…

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