ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #13


Start life on the bunny hill. 




Our greatest teachers are often the most successful learners.  Children learn as they play.  If your learning does not seem playful something might need to shift in your life.



Extended commentary:


I’m NOT the most patient person in the world.  Sometimes I can be “type A ~ on steroids”.  In the past, others have also described me as “driven” and “willful”.  There is some truth in both of these observations, as I become more aware of the “push” energy that can sometimes drive my life.  Sometimes a part of me just wants to have “it” all ~ NOW.  Perhaps it is my driven, disciplined side; perhaps it is the part of me that knows infinite things are possible when we engage the creative capacity of our attention, desire, focus, discipline and action.  This being said, at the end of the day it’s only speculation and story… 


Any skill in life requires a mix of practice and learning, experiences and wisdom to realize the fruition of our efforts.  Using the support of coaches, teachers and mentors while we pursue our dreams often provides the necessary information and resource to inform us in balanced ways how to navigate the day to day territory of our dreams. 


All dreams have a beginning, a place where we start to action on the visions we have for our life.  While the journey of realizing the dream may take many steps, it’s important to begin somewhere.  To gently engage our intention with actions that give meaning and direction to our desires.  Often, it is the first step that is most difficult to take; a step into the unknown that sometimes brings a fear of uncertainty. 


When we take small steps towards our dreams; steps that create an environment, that reflect back the you, you where meant to be, we access possibility and freedom.  In the learning, there is the potential for possibility and in the unknown of this uncertainty, within the possibility; there are freedoms that could never have been considered or anticipated…       



What needs to shift in how you approach your life?


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