ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #14

Take some lessons.  


We are all intentionally hard wired for Nirvana; a lesson or two with a good teacher will gently support you in the direction of your most treasured dreams.


Extended commentary:


I don’t think there is a point in life where we stop learning.  Many of us however, consciously or unconsciously decide to stop learning for a hundred different reasons.  When we stop learning, life becomes repetitious and boring. 


When pursuing our dreams whatever they may be, we can enhance our success rate by enrolling the support of others in the process of engaging our own dreams.  While many things can be learned by blind practice, we can illiminate a lot of pain and suffering by taking advantage of the wisdom of experience of a friend, coach or teacher, who may add new information to the feedback mix of perception.


Sometimes the challenges we face while in the pursuit of our dreams can become distracting or even overwhelming.  While our individual potential can be unlimited, it often takes the guiding hand of another to nurture the seed of potential that lies within…  




What do you want to learn?

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