ZEN Shredding ~ insight #15


Take some lessons from life.


Our greatest evolutionary path is occurring in the present moment.  What needs to be taken care of in your life is reflected directly by what is going on or not going on in your life.


Extended commentary:

Often we enmesh ourselves with disempowering behaviors by seeking distracting explanations and interpretations to our personal tribulations by looking outside ourselves for ever more sophisticated solutions.


You are going to do or not do, what you need to do. 

Whatever you do or do not do will provide you with new information from which you can potentially evaluate and navigate your moment to moment experience. What needs to be taken care of in your life can be determined by looking directly at your life, now. 


While it is beneficial to seek support outside yourself, it is also prudent to recognize that what really needs to be taken care of in your life is what lies (or does not lie) before you in the present moment now.  What happened died in the past; what is going to happen is only one potential outcome of an infinite number of futures.


When you take care of what needs to be taken care of in the moment, versus dealing with the story of your past or the fears of an imagined future, you gain access to the present moment now, which is where your attention always needed to be. 


The moment will unfold as it will.  When you engage the concerns of the moment with attention and mindfulness; you will have attended to the details of what you determined needed to be done.  You will have done what needed to be done according to your present level of awareness.  This is, good enough!  What more could you possibly need or want to do?  Everything else is only distraction.     



Are you succeeding in

fulfilling your life?


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