ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #16


Life is your teacher. 


If you believe you are here to learn lessons, life itself can provide you with more than enough to contemplate.  Paying attention to your own experience can elevate your process, as does the realization that observing others in their own process is much less painful than recreating the same lessons over and over again, personally.


Extended commentary:

All psychology and Spirituality is based on the belief that there is an independent “I” or self, that is here to learn lessons, evolve, become a better “I”, or improve the quality of its life or the world at large.  While the inherent intention may be innocent, it can create obstacles when pursuing the journey of Who You Are.


That being said, a temporary reframe of our present experience and perception of reality as through the “I”, can often provide a certain level of comfort as we find easier ways to cope the complexity and challenges of every day living.  Finding strategies for successful living while temporary at most, can be improved when we use our present experience to inform us in our day to day decision making process to navigate the situations we face. 


This being the ideal, it is NOT unfortunately, the typical attitude or perception we have or bring when triggered deeply by some person, experience, circumstance or situation in life.  More likely there will be a reaction to the moment [anger, fear, grief or shame] rather than a witnessing of the moment [where you are completely aware of what’s happening, but are clearly not affected by the content of what’s happening.] 


The more we can develop the skill of being present to what is, the more we will be able to access spontaneously the right response to every situation as it occurs.  On the rare occasion where thinking may be involved, the situation and whatever may be occurring, informs, rather than determines our behavior as would occur while in the reactive state of mind.


The key to perceived success in this strategy will revolve around the placement of attention.  When our attention is placed on what’s happening, while also abstaining from any value judgment, we have the ability to remain impartial while also responding to what’s happening in an appropriate way.


It’s valuable to note that all subjective freedom lies in our ability to be informed by the moment, rather than determined by it.  Are you being who you are being as a result of what is occurring in the moment, or are you being who you are being, regardless of what is occurring in the moment?


 Are your choices, decisions, directions, and assumptions about the nature of conventional reality determined by your perceived, conventional reality or, are your choices, decisions, directions, and assumptions informed by the nature of conventional, perceived, reality?  To be or not to be IS the question… 



Does your current reality inform you or

determine you?



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