ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #17


It’s OK to fall. 


Pursuing happiness often leads into circumstances and situations that make you feel derailed.  Sometimes you just need to stop, take a breath and recapture your focus ~ in most cases the pain is only temporary.


Extended commentary:


How would you feel differently about yourself if you gave yourself permission to make mistakes more freely, without judgment?


How would you feel about your past if you could forgive yourself for the perceived failures and shortcomings?


What would your relationship to the present moment look like if you no longer lived according to some expectation of how you should perform, do, or achieve in life?


There are no external critiques.  The only imagined critique is the mind.  While we may have learned to assess, evaluate and rate our personal performance from outside ourselves, through role modeling, at some point we all consciously or unconsciously decided to adopt, to some degree the voice of an external critique(s).  In this moment we abandoned the voice of our own innocence, as we lost ourselves to self engendered beliefs.  We became our own, worst critique and we did a much better job than anyone on the outside could ever do.  For some, it became a twenty-four-seven job!


When we set ourselves up with unrealistic expectations of how we need to do life; how we should be or not be we actually prevent our selves from being.  Often, too much of our attention is placed on how the doing should be done, rather than on how the being could be. 


While attempting to break old ways of being or establishing progressive methods of transformation into our lives, may provide the “juice” of inspiration we must also be mindful of the voices of distraction that have the potential to sabotage the innocence, freedom  and potential that lies in every, precious moment, decision or action.  One can only fall, where there is a precipice of expectation.  Do you place unrealistic expectations on your self and life that were never part of the Self to begin with?



If success were guaranteed for your most important dream, what would you do?


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