ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #19


If it feels like push, it’s probably time to play.




When your favorite ways of being no longer generate joy, consider that you may be hitting an unrealistic barrier of compulsive expectation.  While discipline sometimes enhances the success of your commitments, it’s often in the moment of play that you will find your greatest insights, breakthroughs and inspiration. 


Extended commentary:


It would be nice if we could find a singular, all encompassing formulae to fulfill the core need of happiness in life.  There are thousands of strategies to elevate the level of success we experience in life; some of them very functional.  Most human beings look for ways to improve the quality of their life and then continue to live the same predictable way.  An assumption can be made, that a consistent experience of happiness will be guaranteed by practicing a tried and proven method.


While the desire for happiness may remain consistent for most of, the how, the what, the where, the when and the why are always in flux, they will always change!  Sometimes we become so obsessed with maintaining the pursuit and experience of happiness, we forget that there is a rhythm and flow to all life which inherently includes expansion AND contraction. 


All life is subject to the trends and influence of “bull-expansion and “bear-contraction”; what strategy worked very well for us yesterday, may not work so well today.  Our flexibility and adaptability to life’s constant change, can be enhanced when we acknowledge and remain open to new ways of being, that improve the quality of our resilience in navigating the ebb and flow of experience.  Inherent within this rhythm and experience there will be times when:


Expansion exists,


and expansion does not exist,


Contraction will exists,


and contraction does not exist,


Both expansion and contraction will exist,


and expansion and contraction will not exist.


A moment of discipline may inherently resist the prevailing rhythm and flow of your life; a moment of play inherently allows one to be with what is, because you can never change what is.        


Do you force yourself to ‘do’ life?


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