ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #20


Be gentle, be

effortless, and be easy.



Find the rhythm of your own life.  When you live according to your own rhythm you’ll also have connected to the greater universal rhythm.  Then your life will flow with effortless ease.  Be gentle in your mind, be effortless in your body, and be easy in your Spirit. 


Extended commentary:


It does not take a lot of awareness to become familiar with your personal modus operandi in life.  A quick innocent assessment on “how you do” life can reveal attitudes, approaches and ways of being that may or may not support, nurture and elevate the success you desire in your endeavors.


For most of us, it is clearly our conditioning that shapes the outcome of how and what we express and experience in life.  The touch taste and smell of our personal reality, is based on our subjective understanding of who we are and how we imagine life works; inevitably, it impacts who we will be and what we will do in life.


 As a result of conditioning, emphasis is placed primarily on the doing, rather than Being; while at all times, Being is the basis of doing.  Our external obsessions, our addictions, and our conditioning all contribute to ways of being that cater to results orientated, expression focus; what is going on “out there” is deemed more valuable than what is going on “in here.”


With our attention on expression much of what we do in fact is done very unconsciously, without awareness, with inattentiveness.  With a choice to change the direction of your attention from what you are doing to who you are Being; you ignite the fires of transformation to engulf your life; to spread rapid change in any and all directions.


 In the beginning it seems necessary to kindle the fires of transformation, to actively demonstrate a priority, significance and value in who we are Being, over what we are doing.  While expressed vigilance, ongoing commitment and discipline practice, appear to lend success in the breaking of the chains of our conditioning; often, it is in moments of allowing, and the presence of Being, that we cultivate the greatest recognition and realization of Who We Are.  This inevitably becomes the foundation and expression of who we will become…   




How can you be gentler, easier and more

effortless in your life?


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