The Legacy of YOU…

Every great story has its heroes and heroines, every legend its magic and mystery.  In My story you are all hero’s and heroines ~ the Gods and the Goddesses.  You are the wizards and mystics who constantly weave the threads of your own destiny to become the garments and story you call “your life”.


Your life is a story from beginning to end, filled with choices that create for you sadness and joy, fear and love.  To date, most of you have lived your lives passively participating in your story, failing to realize that you are not the details of your story, the scripts and plots, the scenes and characters that all great stories appear to have.


As author, editor, publisher and reader, you have the potential within you to become conscious of the script and adventure of your own experience and story, filling your pages with suffering and pain or magic and mystery.  You have been given the power and freedom to awaken your Self, the knower of the story; to shape and influence the direction and adventure of the role you play in your journey and life.


In order for you to consciously script your story, to celebrate the magic of your achievements, you need to embrace a paradox that lies at the heart of the human condition.  First, to accept without attachment, that what you experience in your life “is a story” and secondly, that you understand fully the insignificance of your own story and its relationship to the significance of who you truly are.


When you recognize, understand and accept the significant insignificance of your story to Who You Are, you are free to express the unbounded significance of the real you into the world of form.  You are free to experience and express unconditionally the unique gifts that you all bring, given to you by right of your existence alone.


For to long you have spent too much of what you call time focusing on what is wrong with your story.  You have lost your Self in the judgment, drama and crisis of your story and the temporary roles you play in your story.  You have forgotten how to celebrate the divinity of the One Self, and infinite possibilities that lies in the holiness of your own humanity.


As you listen to each other share your stories, recognize those stories for what they are.  As you acknowledge and empathize with each others suffering or pain, ecstasy or joy, may you also remember your Self always, so that you might see through the illusion of those thoughts, feelings and words that lie at the heart of every story.  May you always awaken and remember the truth, power and wholeness of your Self creation.


So go forth now and create your stories, fill them with the magic and mystery of your own desires, fill them with experiences that bring you joy and fulfillment.  Live your lives with awareness of Self, serving the truth that lies at the heart of every magnificent dream and profound purpose.


Use the gift of your own life to rediscover your innocence while expressing your excellence.  Elevate yourself and humanity to a place of true freedom, where the gift of Who You Are, shines through your self imposed limits to create what is possible, fulfilling dreams you thought impossible…



(c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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