Dear Mr. Obama…

First up, I am absolutely thrilled you will have the opportunity to express your unique vision, perception and understanding at the Oval office.  While it is clearly obvious that skin color “should not” have any baring or relevance on who is elected as President; I believe in this case, that as a mix blooded, African American, it will have a significant, positive, relevance on who you will be while in the office of the President; and that unique impact and influence is exactly what has been missing and is needed to shift the US in a positive direction; a ripple effect that could change the US and world forever.


To explain; the wisdom, understanding and perception you have gained has uniquely developed as a result of your past, and includes your mixed blooded heritage. In the best case scenario this can provide you with a unique perspective on life that none of your predecessors could ever have been exposed to or comprehended.  Your struggles and success as a mixed blooded, African American, will in a best case scenario, allow you to transcend certain paradigms of thinking and understanding that previously limited or were not accessible to ALL of your predecessors.  In a best case scenario, your past which includes your successes, failures and struggles as a result of your mix blooded, African American heritage, will inform and guide you in your ability to express and unleash your unique vision, gifts and talents towards the betterment of not only the US, but also the rest of the world due to the inherent interconnectedness we all experience to each other.


 I believe this is why so many of us in Canada and the rest of the world have been inspired by your story and events that have emerged from your journey over the last two years.  As long as you can continue to inspire others into taking action, you will succeed in your leadership capabilities, and herein is your greatest, unspoken challenge.  As a leader and messenger, you must provide not only the inspiration, but the tools and resources that will facilitate tens of thousands of others into finding their own voice, to become the change that we have been waiting for; the message must be as inspiring as the messenger, the message must transcend the messenger, to come alive in the one who listens.  


 To many you appear to be their savior; the world does not need any more saviors!  We don’t need any more solo, inspired messengers that hypnotize and entertain us with words and ideas that only provide temporary inoculation to our present and future challenges.  We don’t need leaders who perpetuate and enable the dependency and addiction we have on government or others, to be or make a difference in the world; we need the leadership and inspiration to help us become the highest aspirations we seek in life; to be the change. 


It is my hope that you, Mr. Obama will inspire and facilitate the uninspired, to become their own saviors.  It is my hope that you, Mr. Obama will ignite the hearts and Souls of others to pursue and become the collective change in their own lives, to help navigate us ALL through our present and future challenges.  It is my hope that you Mr. Obama through your own inner inspiration will ignite and support others in finding the strength and will of their own inner voices; to find their own messages of understanding and perception that will guide them towards creating a life that is sustainable for not only for themselves and the rest of the US, but also, all of humanity.


This is why I would have voted for you Mr. Obama.  Your inspiration; born from the struggle, conflict, confusion AND difference of your own past, are the inspirations we all draw from and are inspired by.  Your message of hope is the message of hope we all have heard or wanted to hear.  Your voice, your passion and your vision is the voice, passion and vision that we all can find, feel and cultivate within our own selves.  It is this inner voice, passion and vision that we all must recognize, discover, embrace, cultivate and express, if we are to survive our present and future challenges; to experience what is possible, in spite of what appeared to be impossible.


Have you changed the belief in the way others see America?


I believe you have elevated in a positive way the perceptions Americans have of themselves and that’s what is most important, because a change in perception creates the possibility for anything to happen; the rest of the details are irrelevant.


Mr. Obama; I wish you the best on the next leg of this new adventure, may you be guided and blessed in your journey and the choices you make for that journey!


Thank you for your inspiration!


michael sean symonds ~ a Canadian admirer



2 Responses

  1. Nicely said Michael…..Thank You

  2. Well said!

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