ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #22


Find your “hot spots”.




It’s amazing how easy it is for us to forget what is important and meaningful. When you look at your life do you think about how unhappy and unfulfilled you are?  When you take the time to remember which activities, choices or experiences bring you the most fulfillment and then cultivate more of the same, you’ll often find yourself being re-inspired by your own life and decisions.


Extended commentary:


You know that you know, and you know that you are; this knowing is always in the now.  In this knowing, is there a reason to justify?  In this knowing and now, is there a reason to explain, validate, or affirm your knowingness? 


When we pander to the mind and its need to qualify our knowing, we distract and scatter awareness into this, that and the other.  Instead of staying grounded in the knowing, the mind creates an agenda that seeks proof of the knowing and we lose touch with an expression of our self and our knowing in the now; we lose ourselves in the subsequent nonsense and noise that follows.


You know what makes you happy and you know what makes you sad.  The skill of knowing is more important than the solutions that come from that knowing; or not.  Solutions, choices and decisions are irrelevant when you know.  Knowing is relevant; trusting and cultivating that knowing; the knower of the known, is essential.


When the mind and body are quiet, we become more aware of knowing.  We can make a distinction between the knowing and the known.  The knowing is an expression of your true Self, undisturbed by the forces, circumstance and situations that may or may not occur in your external life; the known.


 The known is that which exists as a diverse expression of the knower, it is an after affect and potential distraction to knowing.  The known will change; the knowing remains the same, undisturbed by the pretence of the known.  What you know about the known, is irrelevant, it is always part a changing known.



Is knowing more important than the now? 


Knowing and the now are not seperate; the known appears to be seperate, the knowing, the known and the now are only seperate at the level of the mind, which craves distinction.  Until the mind is quiet there will always be distinction; the noise that prevents and distracts you from your knowing; if you spend you time knowing the known, it will always take presidence over knowing and the now.  To be in the knowing, is to be in the now; knowing can only ever be an expression of the now.



Is your attention overtly placed on the relevance of the knowing, or is your attention placed on the irrelevance of the known? 



Do you negate your knowing for the known?  



What more do you need than knowing in the now?  



Take care of the knowing and the known in the now, will also be taken care of.  Take the time to value your knowing over the known; it will be your greatest asset.  Now is the time to know.  Stay in the knowing, and you will be in the now.  



Now you know…



Where are your ‘hot spots’ and which ones are missing? What activities, choices or experiences could bring more fulfillment and inspiration into your life?


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