ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #23



To be or not to be.



Most of us spend our lives seeking happiness but never really find it.  We create elaborate plans with lofty goals that may or may not serve us.  It’s good to plan and it’s good to have goals, but true freedom and joy can be ours if we learn to simply observe the moment as it unfolds.



Extended commentary:


Who is it that fears?


Who is it that wants?


Who is it that desires?


Who is it that needs?


Who is it that imagines and plans?


Who is it that wants to change, fix, transform, create, heal, love, conquer, be something, do something, have something, become something?


Who is it that tries?


Who is that gives up?


Who is it that knows or does not know?


Who is it that trusts, forgives, regrets, hurts, finds, loses, runs and doubts?


Who is it that struggles?


Who is it that forgets, learns, understands, takes, gives and receives?


Who is it that feels lost, lonely, afraid, ashamed, confused?


Who is it that wants liberation or enlightenment?


Who is it that wants to be saved?


Who is it that wants to be loved?


Who is it that hopes?


Who is it that hates?


 Who is it that feels joy, sadness, purpose, meaning, success or failure?


Who is it that rejects or judges,


Who is it that prays or meditates?


Who is it that celebrates or suffers?


Who is it that is humble, worried, noble, and courageous?


Who is it that listens, speaks, hears, see’s?


Who is it that thinks, or does thinking happen?


Who is it that questions?


Prior to the questions you are.

During the questions you are.

After the questions you will be.




How would you live your life if you knew the who, the what, the where, the why and the how were already taken care of?


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