ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #24


Show up. 



So many journeys and dreams are cut short before they even begin.  As your mind slices and dices your experience, you can lose yourself in the confusion.  Learn to mute dissection, analysis and judgment of your life experience and simply show up.  Having done that, you can step aside and allow the moment to unfold.



Extended commentary:


A conscious mind will always provide a never ending train of thoughts. The wisdom tradition of yoga teaches us that we are not our thoughts; that, until we have a direct experiences of our true nature or “Self” to show us otherwise, we will continue to identify and imagine ourselves to be “our” thoughts; we will continue to be a slave to “the mind” and all the thoughts that “the mind” entertains.


Imagine for a moment that you did not identify with or to your thoughts,  that regardless of whether you had a good thought or a bad thought, a loving thought or a hateful thought, you simply witnessed the thought arise and subside without identifying or becoming fused to that thought.


  Imagine you not only witnessed the thought, but also were aware of the one who witnesses the thought itself, that you could observe those thoughts without allowing yourself to be attached too, or overwhelmed by those thoughts.  Without this distraction and confusion of thoughts or the thinking process, how would your life be different?  What kind of choices would you make?  How would you live your life?  How would you experience your life? 


Take this one step further.  You are not your mind; in fact you are not your mind as equally as much, as you are not your body.  From birth you have been conditioned to believe yourself to be your body and your mind, and on that foundation of false conditioning you built and added newer versions of an imagined self. 


As you identified yourself to your body/mind; as you fused yourself to specific thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories that you called “I”, “me” and “mine”.  You “lost touch” with your true nature and “Self” by substituting it with a false nature and self.  You bonded and stabilized yourself to an imaginary identity; a story and composite of a shadow you, that had a past and future, memories and desires, beliefs and fears.


  You took on questions and concerns about who you were, who you are and who you want to be.  You built a life ~ an entire life, based on choices and decisions, ideas and beliefs on a character “you”, a foundation of conditioning and self engendered thoughts that you call “my psychology”, “my personality”.  You wanted happiness, security and freedom and instead, and by degree, you found mostly suffering and pain. 


We spend our lives managing a self that has no existence outside of our own mind. With well intentioned misunderstanding, we apply attention, effort and energy to the improvement, change and transformation of a false self to provide more comfort, ease and security, where there can be none.  We look out there, to the world of form and phenomena, all the while missing the One who could provide true solace to all our endevours.


It’s easy to come up with a million reasons why we “should not” do things in life; there will always be thoughts and there will always be reasons why we “should not” pursue a life and the experiences in life that could bring greater meaning, purpose and fulfillment to Who We Are.


 Sometimes, we just need to take a small, simple step in order to begin breaking the chain of an illusion; a label or definition, a thought, belief or assumption that was anchored as a perception that inherently, has nothing to do with who or what we are. 


Sometimes, when take a risk and simply show up in life in new and previously unimagined ways, we scratch the surface of a new dimension to our being.  With a flicker of attention, we shift from what was noticed, to the One who notices.  We peel back a layer of an onion that at its core, was always, simply, sweet… 


    When was the last time you remember just showing up for life and how did it feel?



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