ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #26


Life is a web of relationships. 



When you spend time in Nature, it’s easy to recognize the interdependence of all things.  You can see that the trees filter air, which turns into moisture, which nourishes the earth, that cultivates the seed, which once again becomes a tree, a simple example of the infinite number of possibilities woven into the tapestry of our life.  Every experience is intricately connected with a thousand invisible threads that bind and tie, link and nurture us.  Doting on details is redundant, recognizing the relationship is paramount. 




Extended commentary:


Our greatest “step” in spiritual evolution is not in learning or mastering new disciplines, nor the tenure of practice, but instead in the letting go of something.  In this letting go of something we will find nothing; and in that nothing we will find the birthplace of everything. 


There is great fear and concern in the world today regarding the anticipated content of the next chapter to our collective story.  Will our life and extended environment collapse into the chaos of degradation and destruction, or will we gracefully elevate our life experience from a place of struggle and strife, embracing instead a way of being in which all life will be nurtured to its fullest potential and possibility?


The success or failure of the next the chapter of this journey will ultimately be dependent on our ability to change fundamentally the way in which we see and understand reality.  Will we continue to see ourselves as separate, distinct individual entities, living lives based on the conditioned habits of acquisition and accumulation, survival and control, at the expense of all others; or will we instead, re-evaluate our behaviors to consider an approache to life where we nurture the wisdom of interdependence; where all life is seen as an integrated whole?


The integrity of our inner wisdom will be based on the foundation to see the world as it is, not as we imagine it to be.  The value of our commitment will be seen in behaviors, thinking and action that mirror our choices to examine, enquire and eliminate any allegiance we may have to discrepancies in the conventional, erroneous, thinking we have bought into; thinking that does not rapport with ultimate reality.


This unlearning; is the realization that all things, however unfathomable, are connected in very tangible ways; that inherent within us, lies the truth that all life is not independent, but interdependent.  Conventional reality suggests to us that the world we touch, taste and smell, comes into existence of its own free will.  Ultimate reality suggests that everything is intertwined, that nothing comes into existence by and of itself and of its own volition.


Conventional reality is the world as the “I” sees it.  It is a fabrication, a potpourri of indiscriminate beliefs based on personal conditioning and the hypnosis of social reverie.  It is the source of all suffering and conflict in this world, and is caused by the discrepancies and allegiance we have in our perceptions of what is real.  It is an expression of the prevailing tension that is created between our being, thinking and doing. 


Ultimate reality, is reality as it is, independent of the premature cognitive commitments as seen by the “I”, “me”, “mine” notion.  It is so sublime; we can only talk about what it is not.


As we begin to adjust our thinking; as we begin to realize there is no point from which we can disembark between “my and your world”, we will begin to take on ways of being, thinking and doing that are reflected in the choices of inclusion; that respect, rapport and honor the “illusion of another”.


This new way of being; to see the world as a web of relationships where none seek dominion over the other; where none are placed above or below, will be the source of radical transformation; where the personal will be replaced by the impersonal, where “my interests” and “your interests mingle”, where “my existence” and “your existence” meet.   



 There is only ONE relationship. 

That ONE relationship has a spectrum of many colours…




Does the story of your life define and perpetuate your independence or reveal and inform you of your interdependence?








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