It seems to me, that life appears to happen as a series of beginnings and endings.  There also appears to be no consistency and no guarantee that anything will be a particular way, within those experiences.  The only consistency we can find in the ebb and flow of our life, is in fact “YOU”: the experiencer; the one who is having the experience; the “YOU” that is aware of those experiences, but uninvolved, completely detached from the minds agenda or outcome. 


This experiencer; this “YOU”, is not the you, that you imagine yourSelf to be, nor is it the you, you have been told is you.  It is the real “YOU”; the “YOU” prior to all labels, judgments and fears. This “YOU” is not the you of your past or future, but the “YOU” that lies in this present moment, now.  It is the “YOU” prior to all conditioning. 


Experiences will always come and go; we will label them “good” or “bad”, “important” or “not so important”, but the real “YOU” will always innocently, remain the same.  This real “YOU”, that is independent of your experience be it “good” or “bad”; does not get involved in the petty dramas, that are contained within the story or experience.  The real “YOU” is not affected by the nonsense or thrills, the suffering and the pain, the gain or loss, the joy or sadness that may be part of those experiences.  Success or failure means nothing to the real “YOU”, since it is independent of all value judgments.


Most human beings overlook this “YOU”.  Attention is placed on the comings and goings of this and that; every event that occurs in the phenomenal world.  When you find this “YOU”, when you give your attention to this “YOU”, everything changes. 


In the finding of this “YOU”, you become the “YOU” that you were always meant to be.  You become the “YOU” that you were before you began seeking, while you were seeking, and after you gave up seeking.  “YOU” are no longer focused on the labels, the self judgments or the fears.  “YOU” are no longer focused on the past or the future; “YOU” sit quietly, anchored to the ONE “part” of your Self that knows no labels, has no judgments, and lives without fear.


It takes great courage to be the “YOU”, for it requires the greatest of sacrifices: that you be willing to give up everything you imagined yourself to be.  It requires that you take the risk to abandon all that you have learned about yourself and the world you live in.  It requires you give up all conventional ways of thinking and being, and instead reside in a Self that lies outside the boundaries of understanding that are contained within the conditioned mind.


Most of us spend our lives reconditioning a self that in fact never existed.  We strive to fix and change, strengthen and absolve an identity that has a story that includes a past, present and future.  This self or imagined you, does not exist; better said, it “exists” only at the level of body/mind.  When the body/mind is gone, this self will also go; the memories, the pain, the suffering, the joy, the story will end.


The real “YOU” is already free; free from identification, free from association, free from the limited beliefs of the “I” mind.  True resilience, lies not in the practice of being “YOU”, but in the one “YOU”, who practices; when you know this “YOU”, you will have died to the false.  You will have given up seeking to instead discover the seeker.  You will have given up something to stumble on everything. 


You will become the “YOU” that you always were…    




Dedicated to the ZERO Ceiling Society program graduates of 2008.






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