ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #27


Make promises to yourself. 



Most of us are very good at making commitments to work, to life, and yes, to the relationships we value the most, but how often do you make promises to yourself?  How often do you take the time to examine with clarity what you need to live life with more passion, joy and fulfillment?


Extended commentary:


What do you need?

What promises have been broken or remain unattended?

What do you want?

What is it that your heart desires most in this present moment now?

What is absent from your life experience, that if present would radically change your perception of this moment?


Is it Love?






Self confidence?
















Ultimately, only one promise needs to be made; a promise that will provide the clarity and vision to all other promises; the promise to discover the Self.  The promise to find this self is not the self, that wants or needs, or a self that grasps and clings, wandering through life, chasing after the buzz and bang of some magic bullet to fix and change.  On the surface there appears to be two selves: the one that pursues life with a vengeance, hunger, passion and need, and a real Self that sits always in delight, watching the antics of our shadow self with complete detachment. 


There is nothing wrong with having strategies of finding more meaning and purpose in life, although I’ve always believed it important to first recognize, nurture and become, the part of our Self that has no interest in the pursuit and gains of life, in  what we call “the doings.”. 


There is a simple joy, innocence and freedom, that lies in the realization that nothing really needs to be gained or lost at the level of our true Self; that the self we imagine ourselves to be is in fact, the only obstacle we need to relinquish.  We may have many desires throughout our life, but it is the greatest desire and promise, to realize the Self; the one that most often goes unnoticed, that matters. 


Until we know our true Self, all other desires will only ever provide a fleeting moment of meaning and fulfillment.  When we find that perfect Self, we realize all previous desires were simply stepping stones to the One and only true desire of becoming Self aware; to know Who and What we are.  To know that it is we ourselves, who are the magic bullet…



What promises do you need to make to your Self to live life with more passion, joy and fulfillment?  What do you value most?





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