ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #29



Slowliness is holiness!


In your fifteen minute sound bite of stardom, finishing first, fastest, smartest, most skilled or best in the class will only last as long as it takes for the Universe to catch on that it’s time your ego got refreshed with a face shot of purifying, fluffy snow!  Take your time in life; the how, what, where, when, why and who unfolds naturally as you remain attentive to the moment.


Extended commentary:


I’m not the most patient person “I” know.  Depending on the nature of my desire, this particular “virtue” often remains aloof to my experience.  In the West we are used to a fast food style of approach to living.  I do not believe there are many areas of life that have not been affected by the increasing demands and compulsive sense of urgency that we have towards our desires; that it all happens, AND that it all happens NOW! 


When I was first exposed to this particular insight it referred to the context of the “Spiritual” path; we’re so used to getting our veggie burgers J in a couple of minutes; why not enlightenment?  While the fast food approach to living life may be eagerly consumed in many areas, it has absolutely no frame of reference when it comes to “healing” or spirituality; it is only the mind that filters a perceived reality, at a time based level.

The notion that one can accelerate the “healing”, “realization” or “creative” process is as much a delusion as the actual idea of “healing”, “realization” or “creative process” is itself; but those are other conversations!


Slowliness is holiness because we can only, ever, experience one moment at a time, and since this present moment leads to the next present moment, neither is considered to be more important or significant than “the other”; it is only the subjective mind that sees’s a progression or recession in the changeable; while the unchanging remains, forever present, whole or complete.  It is only the subjective mind that short orders our wants, needs and desires and the dreams we have for our life. 


What happened no longer exists; what is happening now will be of the greatest value, when our attention is supremely concentrated in the now.  What will happen is of no importance to this now, since it exists only as a possibility in the womb of creation.  What is happening will always, only happen in the now; when the mind superimposes its own wants, needs and desires onto that now, the trouble begins.


We get caught up in our sense of urgency because the mind imagines it has some influence and control over the present moment, as we identify to our body/mind we project the illusion of control onto the uncontrollable.  Our obsessive interventions (often called planning!) serve to strengthen the illusion that the “I” has somehow mastered an ability to create a reality, where there can be no authorship or ownership.  If anything is to happen, it requires the entire “Universe” to participate in “that happening”; the sense of doership arises after the circumstance or situation has already arisen.


Our fixation and hunger for having it all now, is further complicated by a society that enables our obsessions by creating systems and models based on “urgency” and satisfaction with the intention of providing us instantaneous gratification, i.e. our “credit model” (no explanation needed?) while temporary often leads to an extreme cost.


 As I mentioned before; I’m not the most patient person I know; I’ve played, danced and sunk in this impulsive energy many times and what I’ve learned is that in most cases, there is a belief that one can only repress or express (respond and act) to this energy.  The greater the urgency, the greater the chance lies in the possibility that these impulses of energy that are operating are NOT you, and will in most cases, not serve you in the expression of “your” desire.


Herein lies an opportunity to a deeper level of potential freedom; to simply witness the beginning, middle and end of those urgency patterns, to sit with these impulses and see what might be revealed, by NOT acting; by watching and witnessing those impulses; to potentially reveal hidden assumptions and beliefs that may surface when those impulses are NOT responded to.


The inherent value of witnessing these patterns of the mind, these impulses of energy  that we imagine and assume our self to be, is that we objectify and deconstruct the very impulses that in most cases drive lifetimes of behaviors, actions, choices and decisions; that often, and in most cases, go on unattended. 


Slowliness is Holiness…      




How can you make your life less busy?



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  1. very nice blog! Taking one’s time produces greater quality, a more lasting impact. Elegantly prepared writing my friend, and love the customised colors. A happy zen day to you!

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