ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #30


Quest out of bounds. 




While it certainly can feel safer to stay within the confines of a routine that is predetermined and planned, a mundane, repetitious life can stifle your Soul.  Sometimes you need to take responsible risks, to dive into and meet the unknown head on.  Sometimes you need to shake up your routine by adding new ingredients to spice it up.  When you dive into the uncertainty of these moments the magic and mystery of life will often roll in ecstasy at your feet. 


Extended commentary:


As a trained “Rebirther”, I have been fascinated by the psychological and physiological implications of the Birth process on consciousness and individual perception.  Many years ago I read much material on the subject of early childhood development and its influencing factors.  One concept that is strongly related to Rebirthing in particular, is the idea that a more natural, effortless birth, shapes our perception and personality in untold, beneficial ways, as opposed to a child that has been subjected too, or had experiences of a more “traumatic” experience at birth.  While generalizations, these observations can lead to a certain amount of understanding in our ability to crack the cosmic egg of our unlimited potential. 


As a model, philosophy and concept goes, there are many indicators that our first, earliest, and most significant, erroneous impressions of life, continue to replay and influence us indefinitely on who we imagine ourselves to be, unless we integrate [transform] those first impressions to a place innocence; until we have a direct and different experience that can inform and indicate to us, a glimpse of our true, Self nature.


A child whose consciousness through a more natural, effortless development, will progressively live and lead a life nourished by their own, inner strength, which can potentially provide more direct, progressive experiences of wholeness based on the driving enquiry:


“Where AM I ?”;


it will lead to a lifetime of explorations, expansion, experimentation, investigation and enquiry into their very existence and what it takes to live a meaningful and purposeful life within their experience.  Clarity, trust, purpose, meaning and direction will be the hallmarks of distinction within their journey, guided foremost by an ever developing sense of unity within the diversity of life.


A child whose consciousness is exposed to experiences that potentially derail the developmental process of discovering their innate, inherent connection to wholeness, will spend a significant amount of their life time temporarily distracted or sabotaged by a driving enquiry of


“Am I safe”;


 it will potentially lead to a lifetime of experiences, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memories, perceptions and ideas that perpetuate a belief that life is only about survival at it’s most basic level; doubt, confusion and fear, will undermine the most basic attempts of living and achieving a life of meaning and fulfillment.


Neither of these paths of inquiry, are inherently higher or more significant than the other; neither of these paths are any more safer, restrictive, reliable or virtuous than “the other”, since the blueprint for wholeness lies, always, within; waiting to be revealed, regardless, of the content and experience of that individual journey.


At any point in time, the distraction of external circumstance can inform or determine both paths and the choices, behaviors and experiences we make on those paths, temporarily masking our ever present perfection, and while the story of our lives may be expressed through the themes of discovery or survival, at any point in time, we have the ability to once again tap into the nature of a real Self, that lies outside the boundaries of rational thinking, experience and circumstance.


When we quest out of bounds; stepping outside our comfort zones, making radical changes to the mundane, mind numbing hypnosis of self imposed, conventional living, we create the space for the magic of discovery and transformation to occur; we ignite the passion of wholeness that lives within and that can thrive without.  When we look for a Self that lies outside the memories of our past or the fears of our future, we open the doorways of a life that is filled with possablities an old self could never have imagined…  



Are you stifling yourself and your Soul with too much routine and repetition?



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